Little Beet
Credit: Little Beet

Little Beet, one of the best fast casual spots in Manhattan, is lighting up your summer with tasty new options that are perfect for the everyday NYC’er.

Get your taste buds ready folks. Little Beet started in 2014 with a mission of providing high quality and healthy items that taste fantastic and won’t break your diet or budget.

They even advertise themselves as “100% Guiltin Free,” as the items you devour won’t leave you feeling sluggish at all upon your exit. Little Beet is similar to other types of places where you go down a line and build whatever you are desiring to eat in a make your own kind of way with warm and cold ingredients that will satisfy you in every which way possible.

Their new summer menu focuses more on the cold which, given the unbelievable heat we are in lately, is perfect for this time of year. I checked out their NoMad location (1140 Broadway) yesterday with a friend where they were nice enough to have us taste each item which we were tremendously pleased with.

Credit: Little Beet

Their Cucumber Gazpacho Soup is delightful. Simply delightful. It is prepared in the chillest of ways where all the key ingredients sing inside your mouth. I am not a fan of beets by any stretch of the imagination however they converted me with their Roasted Beets & Lentils dish that came with a tangy horseradish sauce.

Their Four Beans & Olives Salad with goathorn peppers is another yummy item worth devouring. Here the spice level is kicked up a couple of notches thanks to the pepper but it doesn’t overwhelm your palate. I’m saving the best for last here as their Kirby Cucumber & Feta option with pickled onion is HEAVENLY. A classic combination done so right. I wish I was still eating it right now.

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