Iced Coffee
Credit: Pexels

New York is one of the busiest cities worldwide. It is divided into five boroughs which include Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Of these, Manhattan has the highest population. Many New York residents refer to it as “the City.” They like taking chilled coffee in the summer. Here are eight iced coffee drinks you need to try around Manhattan.

Cold Brew-Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee

The coffee shop has reading nooks and comfortable couches. It brews coffee while stirring it thus fully extracting flavor. Cold brew is Jack’s Stir most popular coffee drink. The stir brew process makes it have a rich flavor. Some clients claim that cold brew has higher caffeine than other coffee drinks.

Shekkarato and Affogato al Caffe

Zibetto Espresso Bar offers different Italian iced coffee drinks including Shekkarato and Affogato al Caffe. It uses ice and two shots to make Shekkarato, hence creating a blissful drink. The bar rolls Affogato al Caffe with two servings of gelato in espresso.

Caffe Palermo

Italian coffee is one of the most unique coffee traditions globally. Caffe Palermo brews iced coffee with whipped cream. The cafe is popular for its rich Italian heritage. You can take iced coffee with cannoli or cheesecake.

Koko Cold Brew and Café Millonario

Coffee cocktails are common in Manhattan. ShushiSamba has friendly waitresses and it offers coffee drinks such as Espresso Martini and Koko Cold Brew. The latter is a combination of coconut sugar, cold brew coffee, Bacardi rum, and pineapple. It’s unusual for a cafe to combine coffee and pineapple, but the drink is delicious.

Café Millomario resembles an Espresso Martini. It is made of dark chocolate liqueur, Bacardi rum, and spiced maple syrup. ShushiSamba garnishes the drink with a coffee bean that is covered with chocolate.

Iced Latte

La Colombe Coffee serves coffee with a smooth feel and bold taste. It has many locations in New York City. The cafe brews Iced Latte and other iced coffee drinks. Unlike some shops, La Colombe doesn’t sell watered down has branches in Midtown, Chelsea, Greenwich, NoHo, Tribeca, and Soho.

Le Pain Quotidien’s Organic Cold Brew

Le Pain Quotidien has served European café specials since 1990 and it has more than 20 locations in Manhattan. The café uses pure Arabica, Peruvian coffee to make the Organic Cold Brew. The coffee is grown under a shed and harvested manually.

Nitro Coffee and Nitro Flight

Coffee Project New York brews tasty Nitro Coffee. It infuses coffee with nitrogen to have a bubbly sensation. Nitro Flight comprises one cup of white coffee with cream and a cup of black coffee without cream.

Culture Espresso

Culture Espresso is often taken with fresh cookies. It is made of premium-roasted coffee and you can choose the foamy Nitro Brew. The cafe sells other coffee drinks like macchiato, mocha, and latte.

Iced coffee was first made in Algeria and it is often served chilled. It has a different flavor from coffee that is hot brewed. Cold Brew, Shekkarato and Affogato al Caffe, Caffe Palermo, Koko Cold Brew, and Café Millonario, Iced Latte, Organic Cold Brew, Nitro Coffee, and Nitro Flight, and Culture Espresso are the best-iced coffee drinks in Manhattan. Coffee shops in the region use different extraction methods and brewing contraptions that include flash brewed, frappe, Kyoto, and cold brew.