Bagel Boss
Credit: Bagel Boss

We all know that there are holidays for pretty much everything lately. Bagels, an iconic delicacy that New Yorkers have been stuffing their faces with for years, has one of its own as Sunday, July 26, is National BagelFest Day! Bagel Boss, an institution loved throughout the NYC and Long Island area, is doing something super special to celebrate this special occasion.

Bagel Boss has been giving New Yorkers (especially Long Islanders) a reason to be happy for decades now as their mouthwatering bagels, spreads and more have been loved by generations.

Founded in the 1970, Bagel Boss uses old-world recipes from Poland that have been handed down from generation to generation. In addition to creating and trademarking the Flagel, the shop originated a number of now seminal bagel varieties such as the Black Russian, Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl, and Chocolate Chip.

While others have changed ownership from its original founders, Bagel Boss remains one of the only family-owned bagel businesses in New York with a dozen locations across Long Island, Queens and two Manhattan shops (Stuyvesant and Murray Hill).

Just in time for National Bagelfest Day, Bagel Boss has also launched its Bagel of the Month Club, which ships fresh bagels nationwide, giving folks across all 50 states an authentic taste of New York.

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