Credit: Utsav

It’s always nice to hear about a restaurant reopening amid the COVID world we are still living in. Utsav, a delightful Indian spot located in the heart of Midtown West, welcomed its customers back in late July with their wonderful cuisine and so much more that make this place a great one to visit.

All hail the amazing Utsav. No, not a person, a scrumptious hotspot that is sure to be a force to be reckoned with all over again this coming fall and beyond. I was lucky enough to first stop by this place last year when everything was much more normal and we were able to eat inside.

My hopes are that will happen once again sometime soon as Utsav’s indoor space is absolutely breathtaking with its rich and warm colors that encompass the area. They have, however, managed to do what many other restaurants have successfully done by building an outdoor area that is chic, relaxing and sophisticated all in one for the time being.

Credit: Utsav

Indian cuisine has always been, at least from my POV, something that is incredibly diverse with its execution and choices that you can order from. Utsav checks off so many points when it comes to all the kinds of picky eaters in your life whether they are veggie-focused, meat-lovers, or seafood aficionados. No matter what they have something in store for you that will fill you up in the best way possible.

Let’s throw out some of the dishes that we think will make you the happiest. First off, get the Naan Bread. It’s a staple in Indian cooking and goes well with practically anything on the menu as a vessel for dipping or building off of. The plain or garlic options work here. Just do it.

Then I need to talk about their Butter Chicken. Good lord, do any words fit more beautifully together? The chicken is cooked and spiced to perfection with their fresh tomato sauce fenugreek acting as a wonderful supporting star to an already fabulous plate.

Credit: Utsav

Seafood lover? Try their Bhuna Shrimp. Large shrimp plus tomato onion sauce equals a bomb a** plate. Oh, and don’t forget to get another important side for both these options: Basmati Rice. Another classic that works well with any and all options Utsav provides.

For more information on Utsav please check out their official website here.