Bootsy The Corgi
Credit: Bootsy The Corgi

Beloved Instagram star and all around cutie Bootsy The Corgi is debuting his first ever children’s book that will be fun for all ages to enjoy!

I have a Corgi confession to make: I love Corgis. No joke one time in Chelsea a Corgi tilted his head at me and I had a full blow Kristen Bell sloth moment that I still get emotional about to this day. But I digress…

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to peruse is New York’s very own Bootsy The Corgi. He’s precious beyond imagination and the photos and videos his Mahmee and Daddee (married couple Chelsea & Justin Venneri) post always brings a smile to my face every time I check in.

I became that much more excited earlier this week after they announced that Bootsy has his own children’s book coming out! It’s called Bootsy The Floppy Eared Corgi (which you can pre-order HERE) and was written and illustrated by the couple themselves.

They were nice enough to sit down with me to discuss how the book came to be, Bootsy’s gotcha day (the day that he was adopted), if he will ever get that date with Maple of Maple & Morty Corgi, and more!

How did the idea for the book come about?

The idea for our children’s book started even before we got Bootsy! I’ve been a huge fan of the Corgi breed for a very long time, and I thought a children’s book about a Corgi was very much needed in the world! When we got Bootsy as a puppy, he had giant floppy ears that everyone said would eventually go up (as is the standard for the Corgi breed). We realized after a while that they were going to stay floppy—and its had a mixed reaction. Most people commented on how adorable & special he was. Others made us feel like he must not be full Corgi, or they would look at us with sympathy that his ears didn’t go up. That’s what gave us the idea for the book—it’s about self acceptance and loving yourself just the way you are, which I think is a huge lesson for children.

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Forget hump day it’s stump day! 🤩

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Do you think Bootsy will finally score a date with Maple now that he’s in a book?

Let’s hope so! A guy can’t wait around forever!

Books can lead to so many other things. Are you hoping it will transform into a TV show or movie? 

We would love that! Bootsy’s dad Justin (@jayveecomics) illustrated the book and we would love to create a cartoon with his illustrations and voice over, which is known as “Bootsy Talks” on Instagram & TikTok.

Tell us about Bootsy’s gotcha day. Were you aiming for a Corgi or did he stick out for another reason?

We picked him out of a litter when he was just 2 days old! I knew as soon as I saw him he was the pup for us. When we picked him up at 8 weeks old from the breeder, he was super shy and the breeder said “he’s a quiet one!”. Little did we know he’d find his voice as soon as we got home and would bark and cry louder than anything I’ve ever heard. Not ideal for an NYC apartment but luckily we had understanding neighbors. I gave them a Starbucks gift card to apologize for that first week!

He has since become (with a lot of training and the help of NYC dog trainer Kate Perry) the most perfect dog I could ever ask for.

What’s your favorite moment in life with him thus far?

His gotcha day was the most exciting day of my life (aside from our wedding haha!), but if you own a dog you know it’s the little moments that are the most favorite. I love when I wake him up in the morning and he’s sleepy and gives me good morning kisses. I love when he brings over a toy or a bone for me to play with him. He’s just the best!

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Sunday Funday!!!! 🎾

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Ultimately why should people buy Bootsy’s book?

I think both children and adults will love this story of self-acceptance and self-worth. So many people know what it’s like to be different and how you can feel like your appearance is what counts. But what really counts is how kind you are and that you are loved for being just the way you are. Also, it’s a book about a Corgi! Everyone needs a Corgi children’s book in their life!