True Food Kitchen
Credit: True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen just opened up at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, Long Island. Their culinary journey was supposed to begin in the spring but sadly COVID had other plans. Now they are welcoming guests with their variety of healthy dishes that are deliciously flavorful and so much more.

It’s so nice to know that restaurants are opening again, especially in the New York area. We, as the rest of the country, were dealt a massive blow in the culinary scene with a ton of beloved places not being able to survive and others barely making it all this time later.

Credit: True Food Kitchen

So it was a relief when I received an email about True Food Kitchen finally accepting reservations. And it was worth the wait clearly as the food and drink they provided me and a friend was nothing short of spectacular to enjoy.

There’s a key difference in Long Island vs. NYC restaurants right now. LI has been doing indoor dining for months (safely of course) while The Big Apple is finally starting to follow suit on September 30. So there is the convenience of being inside which we took advantage of given how cold the weather has been lately.

It’s a beautiful place to be inside of. The spaciousness is one thing however there’s so much more to enjoy at True Food Kitchen as you’re surrounded by a ton of luscious greenery that encompasses a good portion of your surroundings.

Something that this establishment prides itself on is serving its guests with healthy plates that aren’t healthy tasting. Meaning that you won’t be dining on raw kale salads and chicken with no seasoning. Yes, both items appear on the menu but within dishes that are scrumptious to the most fabulous of degrees.

Credit: True Food Kitchen

Let’s begin with some starters. Their Summer Corn & Tomato Flatbread with goat cheese, organic arugula and pumpkin seed pesto is an excellent introduction to the fall season as many of its ingredients are fall friendly. It’s a perfect bite with each of its components being able to shine brightly inside your mouth.

I would also highly recommend trying the Edamame Dumplings that came with dashi, white truffle oil and Asian herbs. Quite honestly the best dumplings I’ve had in a while which is shocking because the ones I’m used to munching on have some type of meat in them. This has changed my mind on how freaking tasty a veggie-forward dumpling can really be.

True Food Kitchen also has a wonderful amount of salads and bowls available at your disposal. Their Korean Noodle Bowl was downright heavenly. It contained sweet potato glass noodles (didn’t know that actually existed), pickled shitake, organic spinach, carrots and so much more. Yes, I indulged and added shrimp but quite honestly it wasn’t needed. The ingredients alone were yummy as I kept getting deeper and deeper into my bowl.

Credit: True Food Kitchen

And yes, they have PIZZA! We tried their Butternut Squash version and it was divine. The squash made it that way but so did the caramelized onions and house-made vegan almond ricotta which only added to the overall effect of the plate.

This is worth the visit from NYC for sure. What’s even better is that its only a 45-minute trip from Penn Station as Garden City is quite close. Oh, and the mall is open, so go ahead and shop to your hearts content before and after your fab meal.

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