Nonna Beppa
Credit: Nonna Beppa

Hooray! Nonna Beppa, an absolutely scrumptious Italian restaurant located in the heart of Soho on Hudson Street, has opened its doors to the public once again after COVID forced it (and many other places) to temporarily close down.

It’s eerie to think that I stepped foot inside Nonna Beppa and a couple of other New York City hotspots only weeks before the world changed completely. At that time COVID wasn’t considered to be a domestic problem as a lot of the focus of it were on other countries especially Italy. Little did we know the hell that was going to take place in the weeks to come.

What saddened me the most was how I so desperately wanted to tell my audience just how wonderful this spot really is. Then I found out it shut down due to COVID and the news of it once again hit me as it was doing in different ways every hour of every day at that point.

I cried culinary tears of joy when news spread that Nonna Beppa was back open in business. It was a sign that hopefully good things are on the way for not only the restaurant industry but life as a whole as we continue to navigate the world we are living in. But I digress…

Putting all the COVID stuff to the side, Nonna Beppa is what you should expect out of an authentic Italian restaurant. I love where its located in Soho as the area just breathes relaxation and intimacy amid such a loud city. Its a moderately sized space inside that is the definition of chill as you gaze through its very impressive menu.

The items on its menu are nothing short of astounding. Everything you could ever want from an Italian place is available at your disposal so my recommendation to you would be to arrive on a level of starvation that will make you want to attack each bite of food they give you. Because trust me, it will be worth it.

Here are a couple of dishes I highly recommend you try there. Start off with some classics like Burrata e Pomodori (Plums Tomatoes Ripe) and their Carciofi (Artichokes) e Parmigiano. Classic dishes you can find at many restaurants however theirs differ due to the amount of flavor you get in both. I’ve become addicted to burrata and artichokes in my 30’s and the chefs at Nonna Beppa have done them justice.

I would also recommend you indulge in something a little sinful by trying their Prosciutto di Parma and Mozzarella di Bufala. Prosciutto is a heavenly piece of meat that doesn’t need any kind of cooking. Its meant to eat raw and when you throw that in with some buffalo mozzarella you are guaranteed to have a huge party inside your mouth.

Finally, get a pasta dish. That’s a must. There are so many options to choose from however I would dive face first into their Tagliatelle al Ragu (Bolognese sauce). Again, classic, no musk no fuss kind of deal, cooked perfectly and presented beautifully. 10’s across the board indeed.

For more information on Nonna Beppa please check out their official website here.