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With winter fast approaching, many New Yorkers are likely wondering if their bar/café rituals will have to hibernate till the spring. Outside dining has been the norm since pandemic restrictions were lifted, and restaurants are now worried that patrons aren’t going to want to make a further adaptation of adjusting to being in colder climates with their food and drink. Fortunately though, several establishments seem to have a sturdy plan to survive during the colder months and offer attractive dining and service that customers will simply not be able to resist. Bar Beau is one such location.

The cozy haunt has been a nice fixture to Williamsburg’s thriving eclecticism for two years now. Owner Claire Chan had previously owned a coffee shot in the West Village, but was looking to open something specifically in Williamsburg. Bar Beau was meant to take full advantage of the neighborhood’s diversity, and was intended to be a café during the daylight hours, and then convert to being a restaurant and cocktail bar in the evening.

The bar found great success soon after opening. “We didn’t intend to become a popular first date spot, but that’s what ended up happening,” explains Jennifer Ashton, Bar Beau’s general manager. “We started seeing so many great first dates here, and then we’d see engagement parties a year later!”

Originally conceived as having a low-key speakeasy vibe, Bar Beau found that it had to include outdoor seating in order to survive after COVID hit. It definitely altered the bar’s dynamic but they adjusted by continuing to serve top-quality food and drink! The house specialty cocktails are simply to die for, from the Chai Hot Toddy to Paisley Island (a sublime concoction of Japanese whisky, amaro, cucumber, coconut, egg white and sesame), and the lush dishes include roast chicken and fried scallops.

Bar Beau plans to keep applying this model for the world’s current reality, but also plans to expand as much as possible. “The future will be the future,” explains Ashton. “but we’ll keep rolling.” Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, Bar Beau is a conveniently located restaurant/bar for your next memorable evening…or love story!

More information on Bar Beau can be found here.

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