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It’s not a shocking revelation that most of us are zoom fatigued. While modern video-call technology has allowed us to keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and relatives, it’s also proven to zap our eyes and concentration.

Yet I urge you do it one more time for a well-spent 60 minutes that seamlessly blends suspense, mind-reading, comedy, and philosophy into one. (Can you say the same about your last fiscal year budget meeting?)

With Reconnected, critically-acclaimed mentalist Jason Suran welcomes an intimate group of strangers and guides them on various tricks and exercises that are truly mesmerizing. Like so many artists and theater companies, Suran-who held a two year extended run at the McKittrick hotel- was performing live in venues across the country. He has since pivoted to an online platform, thanks to Covid-19. In this way, he’s able to visually interact with his audience better than he would in a larger, darker space.

Photo courtesy of OMDKC.

Suran’s warmth and charm emanates from the screen as he playfully gibes and questions each audience member. He’s careful to make sure that everyone is involved and quickly creates a sense of community with spectators.

To elaborate on the tricks would reveal the secret treasures that await. Skeptics may believe that there is some video manipulation that makes his work possible. I might believe it as well were it not for seeing him in person at the McKittrick hotel. As an objective reviewer who has never met Mr. Suran, I can assure you that he is legitimate—both on screen and live in person.

There is a bit of homework to do before the weekly show. Be sure to do it because it will only add another layer of fun to an already enjoyable night.

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