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Who doesn’t love a massage, especially with how incredibly stressed out we are here in a city like Manhattan?  Why not get an amazing one delivered to your door?  Let me introduce Zeel, an amazing app that does all of this for you in a click of a couple of buttons!

The convenience of Zeel is pretty incredible, from start to finish.  You simply download the app onto your smartphone, enter in your information and then choose which of the five types of massages you are looking to get.  You have the option of the traditional Swedish massage, a sleep based one, one for the sports-minded folks, prenatal for our pregnant mommies to be, and one of my favorites, deep tissue.

From there, you have the option to choose between a male and female massage therapist, and the allotted time for the length of your actual massage. Then, Zeel does its work in navigating the city for an amazing massage therapist who can come to your location at the time you requested.  All they ask is that you have sheets and a pillow (if you don’t, they can accommodate!)

Credit: Zeel

My massage with Zeel was everything that I could ask for in this particular situation.  My massage therapist, James, was right on time and had the table and everything setup within minutes.  He was incredibly personable as we had a good conversation about life and the massage at hand, and he asked important questions on my problem areas and where he should focus on.  And he did, leaving me feel incredibly invigorated and relaxed towards the massages end.  He was incredibly professional throughout, leaving the whole experience with a big smile on my face.

The cost of a 60-minute massage in NYC is $159.00 which is cheaper than most high-end spas — and Zeel comes to you! All pricing includes tax and gratuity for seamless pricing and now cash exchange. Zeel offers the only in-home massage membership – Massage Zeelot – which lowers the price of each massage (a 60-minute Zeel Masage is $121) and includes a number of additional perks, including a free professional massage table worth $379. Not only is Massage Zeelot a huge value, you can share your membership with anyone at your massage table “home base.” Massage credits rollover, never expire, and can be used to buy gift cards for others.

if there is one massage service I would recommend in Manhattan, it would be Zeel.  With all the perks and benefits you get out of it, it’s sort of a no brainer to keep yourself relaxed and happy throughout the warmer months and beyond!

For more information on Zeel, check out their official site.


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