There used to be a time where a person would call about an open job opportunity, ask some job related questions, find out who to send their resume to and then BAM they would MAIL or FAX this information to the appropriate person.

Applying to jobs seems less stressful as there was not a suspiciously large resume blackhole but when can this start happening again? Any day now, any day. I’d love to apply to a job, hear back from a person and one who is not griping about not reaching a sales goal. That, friends, would be the ultimate job searching experience.

Alas, this is not 1982 and the Internet has vastly changed this process forever *dramatic interlude – dun dun DUN*

If you are wondering how to make this process a little less daunting let’s start by tackling your professional social media footprint. What the heck is that?

A professional social media footprint is the links; blog posts; Facebook entries; videos; created images and graphics that shape your professional persona for the rest of the world.

Your professional social media footprint is the most important thing in existence right now. It should pop into your mind every time you consider posting a scathing political rant ripping apart a friend or random online person (s)!

I am going to skip the lecturing on what to post and what is appropriate. While we are all adults, we still like to have our fun but does it always have to end up on the Internet? Unfortunately, if the FBI’s first place to find suspects of accused activity via Facebook, then well, I wonder where hiring managers begin to find their future employees.

[Just be smart. That’s all I ask.]

So this also goes for those of you who may be a photographer/DJ/or person of creative value who MAKES things. Be sure to protect and copyright your material before it ends up on some randos’ website. In fact, I highly recommend creating a website or webportal that will store this information with appropriate watermarks that successfully promote your brand.  We will get to that in a later post.

After all that is accomplished, you are ready to start searching. Wait, we forgot a major cog of this whole process. The resume that you will use for the rest of the world to see.

As many of my managers have ever put to me, “there are two times in your life when you are perfect:  when you are born and your resume”.

Make that resume count. Keep the resume filled with accomplishments from your jobs and not the responsibilities. Make your resume reflect what YOU have done for your company.  And please, PLEASE have someone read it before posting it or sending it out to hiring managers.

Once this feat is accomplished, you are ready.

How to successfully obtain a job opportunity for 2013 and beyond:

1) Use your Audience to stand out. There is only ONE you. In order to get what you want out of your next job, you need to know what you want, and who you are competing with because these are the people who may or may not take your next opportunity right from your dinner plate. THIEVES!!!

If you are a graphic designer, be sure you are the most creative and witty graphic designer out there. You need a plethora of mixed material because I hate to burst that beautiful, bubble but there are so many of you out there that you have to make yourself standout.

2) Know the companies you want as an employer and research employee success stories. 

Linkedin and Glassdoor are my favorite web portals for such information.

Linkedin is a professional network that is becoming more and more widely used by companies and job seekers alike and is a great portal for employee recommendations; current job openings; News updates; company success stories; and tons of previous and current employees, who will give you a better idea of what the types of jobs at the company; the type of candidates they hired; etc.

Use it. Now. Create a profile, it’s FREE.

Glassdoor is popular company profile website that gives a deep look into the company personality and how it might fit with your own. There are some instances where companies include what it takes to survive an interview and even the kind of caliber they seek in employees.

3) Network. I cannot say this enough. Utilize professional networks such as Linkedin; Ziggs; and dare I even say it; Facebook.  There are many people within your personal network who are out there in the job world who may or may not be able to assist you in finding the right person to talk to about a position you seek.

4) Do not burn bridges. Even if you are meeting people completely outside your professional network and field, you never know who you may encounter who can help you find that ultimate position.

5) Be Bold and reach out to hiring managers. I realize many people are doing this and it is much easier to do than ever before so – a word to the wise here – BUT it could be very helpful in finding out exactly what the top qualities are for the position and what the managers are seeking.

Even if you cannot have your dream job today, there are other positions out there that could propel you forward.

6) Do not give up. Job seeking in itself IS a JOB. Do not think twice that you can slack off and just expect a position to fall onto your laps. True, this MAY happen for some people but for most of us, life is about the effort you put in.

If all else fails, listen to a little Jason Mraz, he might pick you up when you are down.

Don’t Give Up on Us. Jason Mraz is WATCHING.  (Source:  Youtube)

What did you do to obtain that DREAM job or better yet, your NEXT job? Feel free to share your favorite job seeking memories. Don’t worry, we won’t be applying to YOUR job…although…on second thought 🙂 KIDDING!


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