Who doesn’t love to feel sexy? This is the Manhattan Digest Sexy Lingerie Picks of 2013. Ladies, don’t just do this for your men, but do it for yourself.  It helps to boost your self confidence and that in itself will make you more appealing.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Black

Black shows confidence and finesse.  It means you want to show your partner who is in charge and do it well!  Try black garters, sexy thongs and corsets.  It will push you up in all the right places, bring you in where you want and show off the places you want your significant other to focus on!

Source: Uploaded by user via Sharon on Pinterest
Source: Uploaded by user via Sharon on Pinterest

You Can’t Go Wrong With Red Either

This year, numerous fashion editors are stating that red is the new black.  This is also a power of color and demands attention.  Red lingerie reeks sexy and you pairing it with lace makes it even better.

Source: Uploaded by user via Kimberly on Pinterest

Play with Sexy Dresses

So many males on turned on by a good dress.  Especially when it comes to short dresses, men are constantly fantasizing about hiking it up and doing you in right then and there.  Find dresses that flatter your legs and hug your curves in all the right places.

Blue Dress
Source: Uploaded by user via Abbi on Pinterest


Don’t Stop with a Dress, Go for the Skirt

The schoolgirl skirt never goes out of style.  If you don’t have one then get one ASAP.  It’s ok to get an extra short one for your loved ones eyes only and he will be sure to appreciate it!  A tight micro mini paired with sky-high stilettos won’t hurt either!

Sexy School Girl
Source: yandy.com via MeghanRose on Pinterest



Ok, there is something both nerdy and sexy about a lady that can rock suspenders and do it well.  They can be paired with a skirt or pants for a flirty look!

Source: modelmayhem.com via Eric on Pinterest



The right glasses can drive a man crazy.  It goes back to the schoolgirl fetish for an innocent look.  Consider pairing them with suspenders or the previously mentioned schoolgirl skirt for a naughtier feel.  Proceed to let you partner choose what you should keep on or take off during the act.

Source: Uploaded by user via Kris on Pinterest


Bringing Sexy Back

This year more than ever cut outs and back flattering items are in high demand.  They show just the right amount of skin and hey, it is also an opportunity for you to show that sexy back tattoo people only usually see in a bathing suit.  A man’s mind will also drift to the ease of removing these dresses, so if you have a sexy back, show it off!

Sexy Back
Source: kimair.blogspot.com via Hunter on Pinterest


Heels, Heels, Heels!

Lastly, the right sexy shoe will compliment everything we mentioned above!  The higher the better, just make sure you can truly strut your stuff in them!

Sexy Boots
Source: everbooty.playz.it via Alexa on Pinterest


Happy shopping! Tell us about your favorite sexy item or one you already own and couldn’t live without!