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Through the Eyes Of Brandi Carlile

When I used to hear the words “Country Music” I had a narrow minded view of a spoon slapping, twang sounding, lyrically limited genre.  Brandi Carlile’s “Bear Creek” is a perfect illustration of how vast country musics reach can be while touching the many emotions of the soul.

Carlile’s lyrical genius manages to evoke emotion and put me in the shoes of a child, a lover, a strong women and a lost soul.  Each and every track tells a different story, rather then having a constant theme throughout the album.

I feel that to do “Bear Creek” real justice, this review must go into several of her tracks in depth, as each has its own special element that deserves to be explored.  The opening track, “Hard Way Home” has a musically upbeat sound, including a bit of a “soul clap” giving that boisterous feel.  “Raise Hell” encompasses a powerful element, while allowing to feel her struggle not only through her lyrics but through her voice.  During “Keep Your Heart Young”, Carlile demonstrates the classic country sound with beautiful harmonies, with an exquisite accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, a walking upright bass line and the soft sound of brushes tickling the snare drum.   With the ballad “A Promise to Keep” the sorrow of Carlile is expressed with her melodic lyrics and classical quartet with the accompaniment of a guitar, touching both your heart and soul.

Carlile has effectively and emotionally put out an album with cutting-edge elements that many artists strive to have.  She displays lyrical mastery, vocal finesse and is accompanied by a variety musical styles, putting together what REALLY makes an album.  Each track has something special to give to the listener, and is worthy of a gander so we can share the Carlile experience together. Do yourself the COUNTRY favor.

Pamela Erin Gordon


  1. Great review ill check her out . Thanks

  2. I can’t wait to hear this album!

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