Well, well, well …Drake is no longer wiping his tears from his poor attempt to win over Rihanna … because he has a new lady love. None other than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Tatyana Ali! They were just spotted getting cozy at the Supperclub, in LA a few short days ago! The only reason you should take this somewhat serious is because it was Drake’s birthday celebration… Could Tatyana be the new birthday cake?Additional Pic
Chris Culliver may be heading to the Super Bowl but he’s not winning any points for his homophobic remarks! So he apologized, SO WHAT! Actions speak louder than words buddy, stop with the hate & try some love. Kids look up to you, clown!Additional Pic

Brandi Glanville is at it again! When will this girl realize, nobodyyyy cares about her or her sad excuse for a life.  Well, I guess we are talking about it so we just like talking smack on her. To get back at her sexxxy (ex) hubby Eddie Cibrian,  she had a $12,000 vajayjay rejuvenation & charged it to his card!  Surprise! Well, well, well.. Looks like someone is looking to get skanky, I mean sexy, with some guys soon.

Additional Pic

Kim K. We get it. You are pregnant. To Kanye. We don’t care anymore. Congratulations.  Go away.Additional Pic
Lindsay Lohan – So, we all know she’s in court for killing someone, or something… with a car.. while drinking. But what some don’t realize is that she’s become so trashy apparently hotels won’t even allow her to stay there. She was refused from Santa Monica’s Shutters AND the Loews Hotel but can you blame them? Would you want that sleeping in your hotel & giving you a bad name? I think NOT! Especially when your party animal troll of a mom is always around. Baggage City!Album Cover