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Boy oh boy did Beyonce have a lot to live up to last night.  After being criticized since her supposed “lip sync” at the Inauguration a couple of weeks back, she knew she had to bring it hardcore to the Super Bowl.  So did she accomplish that? From my point of view and several millions of people, she freaking did.

The anticipation built as the 2nd quarter ended.  Coming out in a leather, dominatrix type outfit, she blew the stage up with several of her different hits from “Baby Boy” and “Crazy In Love”.  It was the only time during the entire show that I actually stood close to the television screen to get a better view as to what was going on.  I was HOOKED.  The best part of course was when her Destiny’s Child crew, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, popped out of nowhere to do “Bootylicious” and sing on her uber-huge hit “Single Ladies”.  Cue to me going ballistic.  Everything about the performance in itself was electrifying, as she herself is exactly that kind of an entertainer.  There was really no need for a zillion backup dancers, bands, or anything else to distract from what people really wanted to see- her.

This was an improvement by a million miles from the Black Eyed Peas two years ago, and even Madonna a year ago.  It seemed to flow a lot better than both of theirs and to silence her critics, she performed the whole damn thing live.  That is an arena that is very tough to do so, and she did it.  Freaking phenomenal.

According to, she generated 5.5 million tweets (I made about 1.2 million of those), and many joked she was the one that caused the 34 minute power outage to happen as a result of how great it was.  There were also rumors of the triangle finger sign she gave to the camera.  Some people thought it meant illuminati (look it up), others thought it was designed for her hubby Jay-Z, who is known to make that kind of a symbol.

People who book the performers at the Super Bowl need to remember a night like tonight.  Quite frankly, since the Janet Jackson one back in 2003, and perhaps the Prince show a couple of years back, the halftime shows have been a snore fest based off of what i feel of them afraid to book younger performers.  There is nothing wrong with that, and there are several artists now that are an somewhat of a level that Beyonce is on and they can carry that kind of momentum.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a repeat of tonight in the years to come, but Beyonce once again proved why she is queen of the castle and will stay that way for a while.