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Well, well, well … By the looks of things, Chris Brown is up to it again.  Being a total waste of space that it!  So, as most of you already know, he & Frank Ocean were in an altercation a few days ago BUT what most of you may NOT know is that apparently Brown called Ocean a ‘F@*got’ AND threatened to shoot him… Right before he jumped him.  WOWWWW! Just when we think Chris Brown can’t possibly get more disgusting, he goes & proves us all wrong!  You know what’s even less okay then Chris Brown? Homophobia!! We don’t need anymore hate being thrown around then there already is! GO AWAY, CHRIS BROWN! You’re ugly behavior isn’t welcomed by anyone but Rihanna.  Have I mentioned Chris Brown is also being investigated for falsifying his community service records for when he assaulted Rihanna?  Keeps getting classier ….. frank chris

This isn’t really gossip but it’s definitely still worth sharing.. Darren Criss turns 26 earlier this week! You’re welcome!

Darren CrissGisele Bundchen and Tom Brady’s baby Vivian Lake is everything you probably expected.. Gorgeous, adorable & everything else in between.Brady Baby

Lets discuss the Russian woman who had a man’s name tattooed on her FACE after a single date!! ONE DATE people!! I’m a lover of love but I think you should have waited a few more dates sweetie!  Here’s hoping that all works out for her… Because if it doesn’t she’s going to have quite the story to explain to people!Lesya Toumaniantz