Have you heard about the craze taking over the viral world?  Well you must have, unless you live under a rock.  The Harlem Shake phenomenon has taken over the internet and I must say, I am amused.  I am a YouTube junkie and have come across this new video trend that is sweeping the blogosphere and  viral video world.

The Harlem Shake is a latin techno song by DJ Baauer.  It’s actually really sick and has an amazing beat.  The song alone has coaught my attention but the videos people have made to go along with this song are EPIC!

Each video is about 30 seconds long and involves one person “shaking,” usually in some form of a mask.  The “shaker” is surrounded by people going about their normal routine, when suddenly…the bass drops and the video skips to a room full of people dancing like crazies!  It is the most laugh out loud video’s I have seen in awhile!

There are so many good videos to mention, there are the fire fighters, the Norweigan Army, the old people, etc…  The list goes on.

I am tempted to make one for myself, maybe involving my dog (hmmm?) maybe not.  All I know is that if you have not seen some of these Harlem Shake posts you are seriously missing out!  You can search them on www.youtube.com or check some out here!