Credit to: Myself


Valentine’s Day should be about love of all kind.  Here is why.

Some of us hate today because we are single, some of us hate it because of what Valentine’s Day stands for.  The single ones dread it because they don’t have that significant other to buy flowers and candy and chocolate for, while others just see it as a stupid “Hallmark-esque” holiday.

Today is something different for me though.  My mother Lisa’s birthday is today.  She would’ve been 51 years old.  Sadly, she passed away almost 9 years ago from brain and breast cancer.  So where as today is a day that I usually grieve and have my moments of sadness, I also try to look at is as a day to be happy and see how far I have come since she passed back in 2004.

My mother was an incredible woman in every way possible.  She always taught me to see the glass half full in every situation, and to not let other people get you down in the process.  She was, is and always will be the strongest person I know for all that she had battled.  Whether it was people on her side of the family, the constant struggle to keep our family afloat on Long Island, and her year long battle with cancer, she always kept a smile on her face and stayed determined no matter what the issue was in her life.  She put her disease past her several times to help myself and my sister in need and anyone else that just wanted a shoulder to lean their heads on.  That to me is the true mark of a person- when they can let the hell they are going through be put on the back burner to help other people out.  My mother was just incredible.

Take today to give everyone in your life that you love a call and simply say “I Love You”.  Those are three words that aren’t used enough anymore and if they are it’s either forced or just said as something nice or sweet.  If you love someone, let them know.  This is the day to do that.  Don’t sulk about being single or whatever, embrace the fact that you have love in your life and be happy about that.  I would give the world to have my mother back and I know that isn’t possible in the physical sense, but spiritually I know she is always with me.  This is something to remember for everyone when they are down- you have someone that will always be down for you.  Stay positive, stay upbeat, stay the best you you can be.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and happy birthday Mom!