HonestFrualChaos would first like to wish all my fashionistas of Manhattan a Happy Valentines Day!  Let’s keep this love going with HFC’s two obsessions of the week and one true shoe love.  When we’re talking about fashion there is always love!  Enjoy my loves and flavors of the week!

Yes, GF A Valentine…
IG-ValentineRed and Pink or as I call the duo, Valentine – is where it’s at! Valentine is my new color obsession of the week and my babe for Feburary 14th. You know HFC is all about clashing but the best thing about rocking the Valentine it looks good on everyone from blondes to dark coloring.

Valentine is a huge trend of the spring, but why wait? At this point these streets of Manhattan could use a little love of color… we owe it to our city.  As a reminder to all my single ladies – you all have a date tonight for Valentines day!  Yes, you do it’s New York.  As our babe of all babes Carrie Bradshaw, once said, “You’re never alone in New York. It’s the perfect place to be single. The city is your date.”  Fashionistas turn that frown upside down and put on your Valentine because tonight you’ve got a date with New York.

Hint-Of- Lime and I am Not Talking About Your Happy Hour Cocktail!
hintoflimeAs all you fashionistas know  neon is a signature style of HFC.  This week I am all about the Hint-Of-Lime!   GFs, we all love our Vodka Sodas with a hint of lime so why not rock it in our style?  HFC’s Hint-Of-Lime is when you add a lime accessory to your outfit and it gives it a kick or pow like a tequila shot.  Either a necklace, earrings, purse, or shoes is the best way to chase your outfit with lime.

Like I’ve said before neons match everything and anything. My case in point look at the pic on the right, I rocked lime with brown.  Let your hair down Frigid Fran and embrace the chaos of rocking HFC’s signature neon style with your whole wardrobe. Ladies, here’s to adding a hint of lime to our outfits and cocktails. Cheers!

My Shoe-Mate & London Love- Office!
photo-2Once upon a time in September 2011, as I was sightseeing in Camden Markets in London I stopped by this little shop full of fabulous shoes! As I started to browse the store, I stopped in the first section of shoes and there in the middle shelf it happened.  I layed my eyes on a  pair of Office Shoes,  it was sparks of love at first sight.  As I looked at the remaining shoes by Office on that middle shelf, I died.  Office was not just a shoe love, I realized, it was my Shoe-Mate (shoe version of a soul-mate).  The rest is history.

Office brand of shoes is very eccentric like HonestFrugalChaos!  Some of their shoes are very edgy-fashion forward and then there are others that are vintage inspired.  Clearly you see why it’s my Shoe-Mate.

HFC Style Tip:  GFs if you’ve always wanted to rock vintage and not sure how try rocking vintage inspired first!  Office  has tons of vintage inspired style shoes and is perfect brand to take that leap into rocking vintage with. Like my  1940s inspired Oxford heel in the picture on the left.

As of right now, TopShop in Soho and Office’s website are the only two places us American GFs can get our hands on a pair.  HFC dreams of the day when Manhattan will have a Office Store and be the girl who lived with all her Office Shoes.

Until next my fashionistas stay weird, by you, and …. look fierce in Valentine for NYC (Carrie Bradshaw would), add a Hint-Of-Lime to that outfit and your Vodka Soda, and finally find your Shoe-Mate like HFC and Office. xoxox

Stay tuned for more style/fashion tips from your GF of style -HonestFrugalChaos! Stay weird. Wear vintage. Rock costume jewelry. Be you! What to know what a daily outfit of HonestFrugalChoas looks like? Check out HFC blog: honestfrugalchaos.tumblr.com  Follow HFC on Instagram & Twitter @hfc_style