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It used to be a while ago that when you wore glasses the words “stylish” or “trendy” never really came into play. Jojo Eyewear is here to change that myth with their incredible line of men’s and women’s eyewear at your disposal.  I came to understand this line through my good friend Rick who raved about the variety of color patterns, sleek looks and above all comfort and style.


The name “jojo Eyewar” came about from two different people named Jo coincidentally.  They are good friends who decided to go into business together after realizing they had a similar interest in the eyewear community as a whole.  Their whole mission is to fit people with fashionable, comfortable, quality eyewear they feel good in and above all can afford.


“We have worked hard to make JoJo Eyewear the go-to online source for fun and fashionable frames that won’t cost you an arm or a leg (or a eye!). Sleek, chic and a fraction of the cost of designer frames” said founder Jodie Feist.


Me and my girlfriend got to try out two different pair of their glasses and to my delight and excitement they fit well, looked amazing and the price was beyond affordable.  What’s even better- free lenses with every purchase, no shipping fee and the comfort that your glasses are being handled by the best opticians out there.  What’s not to love?


Go and try a pair out for yourself and see for yourself why this is the best eyewear in and out of Long Island.  For more information, logon to

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