Credit to: Jason Jaskot
Credit to: Jason Jaskot

I have had the utmost pleasure of getting to know Timothy de Iturriaga, the charismatic and beyond friendly head guy in charge of the Adonis Lounge over the past couple of months.  Heck, I even did a really great interview a little while back to get a better understanding of what this man is all about.  Adonis is the number one place in the world to come see some of the best looking men in outfits like the one pictured above.  It goes beyond the aesthetic as they all go out of their way to treat each customer with respect and get to know them on a much better level, hence why this event has become even bigger throughout its four year stint.

Now, Tim has elevated it to a whole other level by opening at a brand new venue.  It’s new location will be at 22 West 39th Street between 5th and 6th avenue. The grand opening will be this Saturday night starting at 9.  I got to see a preview of what it looks like yesterday, and the one word that really comes to mind with it is SPACE. It has a really great atmosphere and you can tell the whole venue is going to be packed on Saturday night with hot guys, big fans, newcomers and above all everyone having a great time.

I sat down with Tim to talk about the new venue and his hopes for the future with it.

How excited are you for the new venue?

“I am very excited.  It’s been quite a progression from where we started as a once monthy event in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  It was a small little show, more like an after-thought as no one in the gay community really knew who we were.  Then we got a chance to come to Manhattan and work on 58th Street.  It got to the point where we needed a club with more space and we found the right venue for that.  So this is definitely an exciting venture for me and the team.”

“When we went to the old venue on 58th it was great, but in the past couple of years things have really expanded.  We have doubled our numbers so a venue like that because difficult to hold an event due to overcrowding and whatnot.  They are great there, nothing wrong with them whatsoever.  They gave us an opportunity for which I am forever grateful for.  They took a chance on us and I greatly appreciate it, but now I feel its time to try something new and see what happens.

Will the pricing change now that you are at this new venue?

“Not at all.  It is still a ten dollar charge to get in and the other aspects of the lap dances and champagne rooms are still in check.  That’s an important aspect to remember.  Usually when people go to a larger venue the price also goes up, but it is still the same.”

Who can we expect at the event on Saturday?

“We have so many people from Randy Blue’s Angel Diablo to 2012 Escort of the Year Vito Gallo.  40 plus dancers will fill the atmosphere, so there is at least one person to each and everyone’s liking”.

Go and check the event out on Saturday and be apart of one of the best M4M experiences, if not the best, in the world.

Adonis Lounge

22 West 39th Street

Courtesy of Adonis Lounge
Courtesy of Adonis Lounge