Credit to: Scottie Gage
Credit to: Scottie Gage


Scottie Gage is a remarkably gifted vocalist and artist who has released some pretty amazing music over the course of his career (my personal favorite being Waterslide, which you can see here).  Now he is set to release some great new music, and is highlighting one track that goes by the name of “Moonglow”.

There are so many artists out there that try to evoke emotion both in the song and video that comes with that never seems to ever come to light.  It can be forced and other times just be completely fake.  For Scottie and this song, neither of those facts ring true.  You can see it in his eyes when he is singing that he means every word he says, something that artists like Mary J. Blige and Robin Thicke have truly achieved over their careers.  Scottie already has it.

“Moonglow” is truly a simple song in the sense that there is a beautiful piano and drum beat that accompany it but the main focus is the lyricism in the song and his beautiful voice. It is reminiscent of songs like “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis and “Foolish Games” by Jewel in that it really details the pain and agony of going through the end of a relationship and realizing ones faults in the aftermath.  The vibe of the song also has a Chet Baker feel to it with its fluidity and rhythm. The video for this is shot beautifully in black and white and has a great concrete background that gets the emotion of the song that much more on point.  Overall, it really is something that is worth watching and listening to and should be heard by many.

See the video here and support this talented artist as he embarks on his musical journey.

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