Credit to: Crunch Gym

We are all looking for ways to stay in shape, especially with bathing suit season coming up in a few short weeks (although mother nature seems to think differently).  There are a bevy of different gyms you can go to in the New York City area, but which one is the best to go to? In my opinion, that one is Crunch Gym.  They recently opened a brand new location in Chelsea, it’s third location in the big apple.  The location is at 220 West 19th Street between 7th and 8th avenue, wedged in the heart of the Chelsea district.

“We have been working toward opening a Crunch in Chelsea for quite some time now and couldn’t be happier that it is finally happening,” said Crunch CEO, Keith Worts . “Our brand is a perfect fit for Chelsea, where the residents are serious about working out and we know are looking for a best in class facility full of energy with our ‘No Judgments’ attitude.

The whole “no judgement” thing that Mr. Worts discusses is very true not only in theory but in actuality as well.  I myself, am not the Chelsea prototype (meaning chiseled six pack abs), so I had my apprehensions about joining a gym in Chelsea.  I had heard good things through a friend of mine who worked out there, and seeing as location was key as it was close to my residency, I decided to take a stab and see what all the fuss was about.

Almost four months later, I am glad that I took that opportunity, and have lost 20 pounds since inception.  The staff and trainers are the friendliest around and are determined to see you set your workout goals no matter how big or small they are.  I have had some great conversations with them and have gotten a betteridea as to how to keep myself in shape.  The industrial look of the place is an eye opener to begin with, with colorful designs and endless equipment to use at your hearts content.  The locker rooms are spacious and have great body products by Bliss Spa when you are done with your workout.

They also now feature a full schedule of Crunch’s signature classes, including but not limited to, The Ride, POUND®, LaBlast®, Chisel, Absolution and more. These classes are a great way to get that added boost when it comes to working out and losing those extra pounds for the summer, and from the looks of the lines waiting outside for the classes they are very popular so try one out!

“When you take a facility and add Crunch’s innovative classes, expert trainers, and passionate and talented staff, these locations went from good to pretty awesome,” said Worts. “In today’s competitive fitness environment it’s rare to see such significant growth like we are having at Crunch right now – quite frankly, we are on a roll.”

With the opening of Chelsea, Crunch now has 12 locations in New York City. A dedicated website, is currently offering exclusive membership deals and giveaways for a limited time. Call (212) 370-0998 for more information on Crunch Chelsea. For additional information about Crunch 34th St., Crunch 54th St., or any other Crunch location across the country go to