Credit to: EMC Bowery
Credit to: EMC Bowery


Boy has Kristin Cavallari come a long way in her short 26 years of life.  From her humble beginnings as the star of the first two seasons of “Laguna Beach” and subsequently “The Hills”, she has truly defied herself as more than a former reality star.  Now after becoming a mommy to her beautiful son Camden with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, she is set to make a huge splash in the fashion world, more notably jewelry and shoes.  She recently launched a jewelry line with famed designed Pascal Mouawad and on top of that has created a really unique shoe line for Chinese Laundry.  What a difference a couple of years make right? I sat down with her recently to get a more inside view of both her lines and the future that she has with them.  Check it out.

What inspired the shoes you designed?
 I wanted to create a shoe line that I loved and wanted to wear but at affordable prices.

What trend this summer? 
Pastels are a huge trend and I have a mint and lavender that I love. Also, white is really big right now and I included white on 2 different wedges that I have.

What are your favorite items and which ones will you anticipate people wearing of your collection? 
I honestly love them all but if I had to pick one favorite, it would be the bootie. It’s the perfect bootie to wear year round. Another favorite is the strappy sandal. It’s such a classic shoe and comes in 3 different, fun colors.

Credit to: EMC Bowery
Credit to: EMC Bowery
How was working with Pascal Mouawad creator of Glamhouse?
 It was an amazing experience. They really listened to me and were open to my ideas.

How does your jewelry line relate to the fashionistas on a budget? 
Everything is under $50 and it’s perfect to mix and match with the jewelry already in your own collection.

Which heels that you currently launched and accessories from your jewelry line would you pair with what kind of spring/summer outfit? 
The great thing about my jewelry is that it can be worn with any outfit. They are very simple, effortless pieces. The wedges are a great spring/summer shoe to wear from day to night and you could just throw on a few more pieces of jewelry to take you into the night. I think wedges look great with a dress and blazer for the day then take the blazer off for the night 🙂

What future projects would you like to work on down the road?

I’m currently working on my fall shoe collection. I want to keep expanding my brand but only doing things I love and that are organic to my life. I would love to do something in the mommy/baby world. I just don’t know what yet.

Do you see yourself launching another jewelry line with Pascal in the future?

I would love to!

Awesome girl and a smart businesswoman indeed.  Want to know where you can get these great fashion items at a great price? Go to Glamboutique for her jewelry line and Chinese Laundry for her shoe line.  Can’t wait to see what she comes out with next! Congrats to Kristin and all her future endeavors!