rupauls-drag-race-season-5-guest-judges1Well, it’s officially over, and Jinkx Monsoon won. Oh, you wanted spoilers? It’s been a week. Get with the program. Let’s talk about the finale party after the jump.

I arrived in XL shortly after 5:30 on Monday. I was ushered into the front room, through a side entrance to a bar and dance area that looked like it was under construction. Deeper in, the queens were all gathered around in the main dance floor of XL. Just down the stairs, Alaska was surrounded, being interviewed while drinking a Bud Light, because she’s classy like that. Wading past Detox, I made my way to where Jinkx, in an enormous pink tutu, was being interviewed by my editor, Ryan, who I love and am eternally grateful for for getting me in.  Thanks HUNTY!

My first impression of Jinkx is that she’s a lot taller than I expected, but, honestly, it’s not like she wasn’t wearing huge heels. And an enormous pink tulle dress. She ended up being extremely polite and lady like, though I didn’t have much of a chance to get to chat with her.

The first queen I really got to sit down and meet was Roxxxy Andrews. You know, for all the editing and stuff, I really enjoyed meeting her. She was incredibly sweet and very polite. I can understand how she’s upset that she was edited into being the villain of the seasons. On the flip side, she still said what she said, and a lot of it was pretty nasty, no matter what context you put it in. Yet, reality TV has writers so you never really know what really went on.

Next, we moved over to Ivy Winters, who is drop dead gorgeous. No really, she’s amazingly beautiful and looked like she hung some teal lame on and threw a rubber ducky in her hair and called it a day and still outshined most of the other girls. The really amazing thing is that no matter who took a picture with her, it always ended up like they were together at some GLBT prom.

After Ivy, I wanted to go visit Michelle Visage, but she was currently with someone, so we headed over to Detox. While that was going on, we kept being talked to by a gentleman who was trying to get people over to Vivienne Pinay. At the time, I couldn’t think of anything but later, I felt like I should have tossed back a drink and talked to her and any of the other queens who  were kicked off early. You snooze, you lose, I guess, or someone does.

Anyway, Detox was fabulous for someone who’s foundation was cracking and an eyelash was falling off. She said that she’s totally cool with not winning because she’s gotten an intense amount of publicity and doesn’t have to be tied down to the RuPaul name. I say go her. I’m glad she’s found her zen.

Moving on, we got in line to talk to Michelle Visage. After a few evil cutters jumped in front of us, we found our balls and sat down. Michelle was wearing mirrored earrings shaped like Jersey and a necklace that says “Tacky.” You have no idea how much I love her. We chatted some more about AMDA and the show and I enjoyed my light up, glow in the dark Absolute cocktail thing. Michelle was called up to take pictures and so we moved on.

Last stop was Alyssa, who had shown up late, and had a huge crowd around her table. By this time, people were starting to fill in and we were ushered to the side of the dance floor area and given a set time to finish things up by. Both Alyssa and I were pretty well into our drinks by this time. She’s been doing wonderfully as one of the break out stars of this season, and looked fabulous.

As we were finishing up, the floor show started. First up, Willam, Detox and Vicki doing Boy is a Bottom. Next, Sharon Needles singing I Want To Be Amanda Lepore. After that, I have no clue what happened. I ended up at the bar, hanging out with a drag queen named Sheila, along with Shangela, Monica Beverly Hills, Carmen Carrera, Manila Luzon, and a few other queens I’ve never heard of.

From there, you watched the show and saw the stuff people talked about and how Roxxxy was off her diet and Detox looked fierce and Jinkx got crowned. What was I doing? Hanging around outside with my newly crowned drag queen friend, Mariette, and Manila Luzon. So, I missed the actual crowning, but heard all about it. Other queens kept coming and going but at some point in time, I had to head out, as I am one of the people with nine to five jobs.