Credit to: Deep Concepts Media
Credit to: Deep Concepts Media


In part two of my interview with hip-hop legend Nature, we discuss who he thinks is the best out there right now, the hip-hop industry as a whole, his link up with DCM and why these rappers nowadays need to be focused on the business and not so much the whole “Popping Bottles” aspect.  Take a look.

How long did it take you to come up with all the tracks for “For All Seasons” and what was the process like?

“For All Seasons” was a little bit more complicated, we had some issues.  Some of the songs from the original project we had to wait, and some of them that we did record wound up getting leaked onto New York City mixtapes, so I was in the studio for a while and very frustrated.  The album was actually recorded two years prior before it ever got released due to all the issues that came with it.

You had a lot of time between your sophomore and third effort between 2002 and 2008.  What was going on in the meantime that stopped you from making more?

Well no matter what happened I always was making music, but a lot of life stuff happened as well.  I had to work, had a daughter and other things happened.  I just had to find my footing again, kind of like an NBA player in the off season. You want to shoot around and sharpen your skills to a certain degree.  Still during this whole time I was watching what was going on in the industry and stayed focused when I was ready to return.

Tell me about how you linked up with DCM.

Our friendships started online basically.  They were a bunch of guys who I thought were a bunch of dope producers but once I got to know them I realized they had a huge passion for music and for me as an artist and showed me how they were gonna go the extra distance to help my career.  We just vibed well. I was skeptical about who I wanted to go into business with because I was on the sidelines for a while but they proved their dedication and passion for the business and it turned out great.

What are your plans now that you are with these guys?

We are gonna drop this first project which is a four part series. We are starting with a spring edition now.  In a couple of months there will be summer one, then fall then winter.  Trying to make the dopest music as possible.

As someone that has been in the game for almost twenty years, what advice do you give to these young guys in order for them to have longevity?

Just stay true to it, you know what I mean? You can tell when a person is really passionate.  I didn’t really come in to follow a trend, it took me a long time to get to where I was professionally.  When I was a child, my love for this grew more and more as I got older.  When I was making my way and going to the clubs and what not, I stayed true to what I was talking about in terms of real life situations and not a lot of what was playing there at that point.  I would say that should ring true to a lot of the guys out there right now- be yourself.

Are you happy with the way that hip-hop is going right now?

I am happy with it as far as its reach and how far it’s growing.  It used to be an inner city thing, now it is in the suburbs and in different countries and what not.  I am happy with it being beneficial from a business standpoint.  As far as everything else, I can’t really comment.  It has it’s pluses and negatives.  There are variations of hip hop- south sound, international sound, reggaeton is even considered hip-hop now. I am more of a purist and I stick to that.  It is definitely more lucrative now, but I wouldn’t advise to do this just for that.  You got to love what you do.

Who in your opinion is the Best New Artist right now in hip-hop?

It all depends on what you think is being new.  Some of these young guys it’s hard for me to make a comment on because I can’t judge them on just a couple of records. I need to hear your body of work.  Can’t just come out with one or two records and think the world will think you are hot.  Gotta do more than that to stay on my radar.

Looking forward, what are you most hopeful about?

I hope to bridge the gap for me and some of the younger generations.  Some of these guys need to be schooled on how the business.  It’s not all about poppin bottles and making it rain, they need to have a better idea of what we are doing right here. I just hope that everybody gets a chance to really listen.  That’s all I ever wanted them to do.

More on DCM and his latest effort “Seasons Change” here.  Good stuff.