Credit to: MTV.
Credit to: MTV.


The Como Brothers are a couple of the guys that I have had the pleasure of writing for over the past year.  I really am a firm believer in if you really strive for something you can definitely make it happen, and these guys are a great example of that.  Well, now things are really kicking into high gear with the announcement that they are finally coming out with their first full length album in the coming months and now as a part of our “Sneak Peak Sunday” series you get to listen and see the videos of their two first singles off the album.

The first of the two tracks is called “Straight Face”.  The song gives a really good Micheal Buble’ type feel to it with its laid back energy and feel to it.  It’s also uber cute with the chorus going something like- “Yes I can say it with a straight face you’re lovely to me.  I’ve been thinking about your kisses sitting under your tree”.  Aw.  Definitely a good lead off single in my opinion and a great video to go with it as well.

The second preview on Sneak Peak Sunday is called “Late Nights”.  (Sidenote, love how both these videos are clearly shot on Long Island.  Represent yo!).  Unlike “Straight Face” this song has a darker and deeper feel to it, reminiscent of The Wallflowers “One Headlight” or something more recent like Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive”.  What I really love about this song and these guys is their ability to change it up in all their songs but keep it as authentic as possible in any arena.

Go ahead and support these talented guys.  Buy “Straight Face” and “Late Nights” here and for all things Como Brothers log onto their official website for more information.

Matt and Andrew Como (22-24 years old) are songwriters and musicians that value organic music, musicianship, and songs with original integrity. All of their songs are credited as written by Matt and Andrew Como. Music is not a hobby of the brothers but a way of life and a career. Early in life their Dad and his brothers played music at family parties and Matt and Andrew were inspired along with their parents encouragement, to play music. They played in various bands throughout high school and are now an experienced live act playing in bars, festivals and local shows most weekends over the past years. In 2010 they began The Como Brothers Band and have been pushing forward for their dreams of a long term career in music.