Credit to: Dig Inn


Want to know something really fun that you can get involved in and win food for a freaking month!  Dig Inn, a seasonal market that serves high quality and flavorful foods in its 5 New York City locations,  launched a campaign last week – surrounding Dig Inn’s favorite fall “picnic pint,” the brussels sprout.  They are encouraging New Yorkers to enjoy the last few weeks of nice weather and to take photos of their favorite outdoor lunch space with their picnic pint of Dig Inn brussels sprouts (their #1 seller in the fall), using the hashtag #SproutToLunch.

A local farmer will choose one lucky winner on October 24th (which is Food Day) and that person will win a free month of lunch on us (nice way to start saving for the holiday season by not having to pay for lunch for a month). They are also donating 10% of sales we make on our brussels sprouts to Slow Food NY, which helps Organic & Sustainable Farm to Restaurant Producer Summit.  I sat down with CEO of Dig Inn Adam Eskin who told me more about the campaign and Dig Inn as a whole.  Check it out.

Credit to: Dig Inn


How long has Dig Inn been in business?

Dig inn has been around for 2 years – we became official in September 2011 after transforming a pre-existing concept.

How did you come up with the name and concept for Dig Inn?  

Eating well has always been on my radar, and as my team and I learned more about food – how it is grown/raised, why it is so important to eat naturally raised meats, etc, we realized there was a big opportunity to do something disruptive in the restaurant space, akin to what Whole Foods did to grocery.  We have worked with a couple of brilliant guys in Brooklyn for years now – Dave and Mark of Dark Igloo.  It took us the better part of a year, but we love what we’ve created thus far including how it continues to take shape. It was important for us to develop a name that stood for the enjoyment of eating and the celebration of sitting down for a fresh, quality home cooked meal.

What sets you apart from other fast food restaurants? 

Three things I think: the quality of the food we serve, and the price and speed with which we serve it.  We have developed a model that allows us to serve a fresh, healthful, delicious meal (sourced locally, with lots of veggies and naturally raised meats) for under 10 bucks, in under 10 minutes (with a line to the door, that is).

What would you say is your most popular dish and why?  

Besides the brussels sprouts, of course, the local roasted beets w/ toasted pumpkin seeds recipe has been a real winner this season – a new fan favorite.

Explain the importance behind what you are doing with Sprout To Lunch?

 The #stl campaign is 100% in support of slow food – a movement for which we are extremely passionate. Slow down to enjoy a meal outside before the weather turns, support the local farm that grew, harvested and delivered this food, and support Slow Food NYC by making a small donation. There is so much we can do to reverse the the effects of our industrial food chain – we just need to raise awareness and get everyone involved in any way we can.

What do you think would make a good winner?

I would love to see someone atop the Empire State Building…or maybe going for a ride on the Hudson River – sounds like a relaxing lunch break to me.

So check out Dig Inn’s main page for more information on this great contest, locations, food and so much more.  This is going on until Thursday, October 24th.  Good luck to whomever wins!