Credit to: Moran's Restaurants
Credit to: Moran’s Restaurants

Moran’s Food & Ambiance Keeps You Warm & Satisfied

Now that the weather is getting much colder and the holiday season is upon us, we can bask in the glow of meeting with friends and family and enjoying a nice hearty meal with each other.  One of the best places to get all of the above is “Moran’s Chelsea” which is nestled between 19th and 20th Street on 10th Avenue.  After browsing their website and reading a ton of rave reviews online, my friend and I were anxiously awaiting to see what all the buzz was all about.  After we left, we collectively gathered our thoughts about the place and found that we could sum it up in three simple words- Warm, Friendly and above all, Delectable, which is why I titled the article as such.  Here is why.

Warm- The place itself gives off a warm and comforting ambiance with its colorful design and beautiful wooden floors.  They decorated the place in fall colors and had beautiful paintings adorn the walls to give the place an pop of color.  The seating was roomy and spacious and had a quiet setting which I happen to prefer.

Friendly- I for one can vouch for the fact that the food at a restaurant can be some of the most delicious food in the world, but if the service that is provided is terrible it can make the food taste like something that was in a dumpster for five days.  This was much different.  We were greeted very pleasantly and had our coats checked, something that I see rarely happen in a lot of the restaurants in New York City.  Our waitress Jenny was a delight to talk to throughout and was very descriptive and helpful in choosing our course selections throughout the night.  So far, so good as far as I see it.

Delectable- This can’t be a food review of course without talking about the freaking food, which was truly off the chain!  A good portion of the menu happened to be seafood but there was plenty of pasta and poultry dishes to satisfy many a different appetites.  My friend and I shared the fried calamari which came with two different types of sauces.  Normally I find that calamari is either under seasoned or vice versa, but in this case the seasoning on it was just the right amount and it tasted fantastic.  Second course was the butternut squash soup, which had just the right balance of savory and sweetness.

Seeing as Chicken Pot Pie is a personal favorite of mine, especially this time of year, I bee-lined for that option and was not let down.  They even add another layer of a flaky crusty type of bread on top of it that melts into the stew as you eat it.  The chicken was cooked perfectly and the vegetables were just plain yummy.  To top it off,, I finished the evening with a yummy and delicious Creme Brulee which had an amazingly sweet custard filling and a hard caramel on top of it that really balanced each other out.

Overall, a 9 out of 10 in my book.  Something that is definitely worth going to see.  Check out Moran’s official website for more information, and if you are ever perusing in Chelsea for what is the next best restaurant then Moran’s is definitely the place to go.

Moran’s Chelsea

146 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011