Colby Comes To Manhattan Digest 🙂

Anybody that doesn’t find at least one part of Colby Keller a turn on is a freaking fool.  Or tool.  Or blind.  Whatever, just look at him and try not to drool in several areas (hehehehe).  Colby has been a personal favorite of mine for a very long time now, mainly because I have read up on him outside of what he does in the industry and he brings a ton of brains and thoughtfulness on top of being an insanely handsome dude.  Now being in the business for than a decade, he has expanded his usual repertoire of on camera fun times and translated it into so much more.  He hosts a successful series on Youtube called “In Bed With Colby Keller” in which he talks about more than just sex but about life and the experiences that come with it.  He also has a very popular blog called “Big Shoe Diaries” which chronicles his inner thoughts and places them very strategically onto each blog that he writes about.  He’s also super cool and a really nice guy.  So many compliments Colby, SO MANY!

I got the chance to interview Mr. Colby a couple of days ago and got to find out about how he started in this industry, what Big Shoe Diaries is really all about,  and why he is hopeful of socialist aliens invading our planets.  Swoon.  Take a look.

Credit to: Colby Keller
Credit to: Colby Keller


How did you come up with the stage name of Colby Keller?

Colby was given to me by when I first started.  Keller was added later by a Director who thought I was so shy and quiet that I must be related to Helen Keller.

What ultimately made you want to get into the business in the first place?

I needed more money and I was curious to explore some exhibitionist tendencies.

You are one of the few stars that has really made it through a long time in the business with a good reputation still in check.  How have you been able to do that?

I’m waiting patiently for my name to tarnish.  I don’t profess to know how the PR machine works, but I do attempt to stay true to myself.

What advice do you give to the up and comers in the industry?

Be the kind of performer you want to be.  Seek out opportunities that sound fun to you as opposed to taking every job that comes along.  Also, be more than just sexy.  There are millions of sexy people, but you should use the spotlight to present more of yourself than just your body and your sex.  Do more than make sexy face for the camera and flexing your muscles.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just do more.

Credit to: Colby Keller
Credit to: Colby Keller


There has been a lot of chit chat regarding mainstream porn stars doing scenes with primarily bareback studios.  What are your thoughts on that?

I’ll save my answer to this for the Connie Chung interview.

Sum up your blog “Big Shoe Diaries” in 3 words.

Big. Shoe. Diaries.

Seeing as you are from Baltimore, can you describe to me what the gay scene is like there and is there any room for improvements that you would like to see?

I don’t go to the gay bars often, but the art scene is amazing.  There are a lot of talented creatives here making great art and really pulling together to build a community in a city that has seen better days.

Your “In Bed With Colby Keller” series on YouTube is quite popular, so let me ask you a question and you give me an answer similar as to how you do in the videos.  What is your best advice to give to a guy who has never bottomed before?

I think the Manhunt “In Bed With Colby Keller” says it all!

What gets you off the best when it comes to what you do as a living?

Professionalism.  I like working with directors and actors that maintain professionalism in all aspects, but especially in regards to managing time on a set well.

Do you have a type?

No (lies through teeth).

Outside of the industry, what are your plans going on right now?

I’m headed to Art Basel in South Beach.  I’m super excited as it will be my first visit there.

What advice do you give to that guy who is afraid to come out of the closet?

Come out! Just do it.  You’ll feel a million times better the moment you do.

What are you hopeful for for the future?

I’m hopeful that socialist aliens will land on our planet in the next ten years to save us from ourselves and show us the error of our ways.

Credit to: Colby Keller
Credit to: Colby Keller


What a fun guy indeed!  Want to know more about Colby and his superb awesomness?  Check out his Twitter, Facebook and official blog sites for more information!