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Croft and Barrow

Shoes that are snow appropriate and fashionable are nearly impossible to find. UGGs and similar boots can make an outfit much less stylish, and actual snow boots are a complete fashion disaster. Luckily, stores like Croft and Barrow have stylish boots that are perfect for winter.

My mother gave me the boots pictured above for Christmas and I haven’t taken them off since. I have tested them on the streets of New York City in all weather and I’d give them an A+. I’ve walked miles in rain, snow, and sludge and these boots have kept my feet dry and warm every time. Not even an ankle deep puddle got in my way. These boots have a foamy sole, so it’s like slipping your feet onto pillows every time you wear them. Also, you won’t get leg pains after walking a long distance in them.

The small heel is just enough to be feminine and makes walking feel even easier. And the buckles add a little flare to an otherwise simple boot. These boots are also excellent for any outfit- I’ve tried them with almost every combination. They are perfect for work or a night out, or really any occasion because of their amazing ability to be paired with anything.

So far, my favorite outfit to wear with my boots has been black leggings, a long black sweater, and turquoise boot socks that came just under my knee. This outfit was not only incredibly comfortable, but I was complemented all day on my pop of color with the socks.

Skinny jeans are another great item to pair the boots with. You can wear any top you want with jeans, and these boots will be sure to match. Any outfit you’d wear with UGGs or snow boots would be instantly more stylish with boots like these. Also, a nice sweater and matching leg warmers is very trendy for winter and perfect for these super cold days. Dresses and skirts look great with these boots, too. My preference is to add a pair of black tights, since it is winter, and sometimes leg warmers. However, a simple black knee high boot alone can make any outfit look very classy. One might consider these black boots the winter alternative to pumps.

There really aren’t many things I can personally rave about, but my Croft and Barrow boots are my true love this winter. Anyone who does a lot of walking in the winter definitely needs a pair of boots like these, and investing in a great pair is not a waste of time or money.


  1. Love these boots! Have to buy them!

  2. You are so right. I got these for Christmas and they are both comfortable and can fit into any budget. I didn’t think of the boot socks with them so that’s what I’ll try next!

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