Classic New York style is black from head to toe, and in this cold weather black boots, pants, and a jacket definitely seem like a warm choice. And sadly, this time of year our favorite little black dress often gets buried away in the back of the closet, but there’s no reason for that anymore.

Patterned tights are perfect to personalize the classic New York style and give our LBD some attention in the winter months. Stores everywhere sell huge varieties of patterned tights, usually in the $10 to $20 range- which is a small price to pay for an easy and versatile accessory. Depending on your personal preference you can add any edge to your outfit from wild party to simply unique.

Cheetah print, or any asymmetrical print, tights give off a party-ready look, but are appropriate for any time of day. For the office, the printed tights with boots and a simple skirt or dress will show off your personality that can’t always be seen under that 9- 5 suit. Classy, yet personalized, your work wear will be immediately upgraded. For a night out in the winter, when you’re dying to wear your go-to LBD but don’t want to freeze, printed tights will look sexy. Sometimes a little coverage on the legs is all we need to keep warm, so use those opportunities to find your perfect print. Following the classic New York style, an asymmetrical print- in black, of course- will be subtle enough to maintain a classy appearance, but just different enough to set you apart from the crowd. And in this big city, why not stand out a bit.

Many of us wear the same, or painfully similar, outfit more days than we’d like to admit (I plead guilty!). And odds are, if you don’t like to switch up outfits very much, a crazy print won’t be your first choice. Thankfully, patterned tights also come in a wide variety of simple, symmetric patterns for us. Minimalist accents to an outfit instantly boost chicness, both in the workplace and out in the world. Not to mention that minimalist style is highly regarded in modern fashion. Tights with squares, stripes, or dots add just enough of a personalized edge to a simple outfit to let your personality shine through while looking classy. Again, the subtle accent in an all- black outfit will be enough to separate you from the rest of New Yorkers.

Modern fashion is all about adding a personal elements to an outfit, and patterned tights are an easy and inexpensive way to do so. Using subtly accessories like tights instead of chunky jewelry or other large pieces are a much more modern way to draw attention to an outfit. Patterned tights are especially perfect in our city where we are all about simple and classy style in all- black.

Fashion and style aside, patterned tights can also be extremely flattering. Plain black tights will not shorten your legs, but they won’t lengthen them either- and being just barely 5 feet tall, I always try to look a bit taller. Patterned tights with details that are longer than they are wide will have a slimming effect on your legs, and in turn add a few inches. This is really great considering that occasionally we can look a bit short when wearing a skirt or dress with knee high boots. Patterned tights with details that are wider than long will not have the same effect. They will give your legs a bit wider of an appearance, and possibly make you look a bit shorter. However, if you are tall enough that you can spare a few inches, these tights will look great and not take away from your appearance at all. Depending upon what your pattern preference is and the look you are trying to achieve, either pattern type can be used to your advantage.

Whether you’re interested in patterned tights for fashion purposes, to look better, or both, they’re a necessity for the rest of the winter and the upcoming spring. And again, tights are not expensive and what is better than looking great on a small budget.



  1. Ah you gave away my secret. I always use the striped tights with my boots to thin out the chops a little. It really works great. Maybe I’ll get daring and try to add color!

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