Luxor Limo, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Luxor Limo

I for one am used to a life of Hyundai’s and Toyota’s when it comes to my vehicular activities, so when I got the opportunity to review a limo company for the first time I instantly jumped at it.  What differs this one compared to the other run of the mill businesses that are out there is how the company came to be and the efforts that they are making in order to get themselves to another level.  This company is called Luxor Limo, located in the heart of Brooklyn.  What makes this company different in fact?  Owner Simon Chkifati, is one entrepreneur who is leveraging technology to boost his fleet at Luxor Limo.  In addition to GPS in every vehicle, Luxor uses a vehicle tracking system that helps with accurate dispatching.  His company also offers a user-friendly online reservation system so clients can book a car from anywhere in the world under a New York minute.  Superior custom service is what ultimately drives Chkifati’s business.  The latest model cars, hand picked drivers and a comfortable and relaxing ride are guaranteed.

I got to sit down with Simon himself recently where he told me more about how this business came to be.  Check it out-

Luxor Limo, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Luxor Limo


How did you start Luxor Limo?

Luxor Limo was started in 2003, started by my brother Albert Chkifati and myself.

Was this industry something you always wanted to get into?

We were always around this industry, and took it to the next level. my father used to lease livery vehicles to the drivers who worked for other companies. We then opened the service part and opened Luxor Limo in 2003.

What was your inspiration for doing this?

We wanted to clean up the industry and build a company from scratch.

What sets your company apart from all the others?

We have all our chauffeurs as employees vs independent contractors, our vehicles are company owned, we have water bottles in each vehicle, cars always cleaned, easy online bookings, 24/7 operation.

What are your goals for 2014 and beyond?

We are looking to build a mobile app for 2014 and grow our revenue by 200%.

Something that I respect and appreciate with Simon is he true detail to customer service and great selection of cars and limos.  I was fortunate enough to experience a ride on the town with two of my friends courtesy of Luxor Limo, and it was a great experience.  The driver was friendly, accommodating and got us to our location in the fastest time possible.  The ride itself was spacious, comfortable and clean as a whistle which I think any service like this should be.  Overall it was a great experience that anyone should try out if they haven’t done so already.  Check out Luxor Limo’s official website for more information.  Now you know where to go the next time you have that big event or just wanting to take a night on the town with your friends, family or that special someone.  Tell em that Ryan from Manhattan Digest sent you :).