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Fratelli’s- Pizza, Pasta, and more. Oh, and its awesome.

There is a bajillion cuisines you can get when you are here in New York City, really the possibilities are endless.  One cuisine that comes to mind more than anything, in my opinion, is Italian.  Everyone has their own thoughts on who makes the best pasta, pizza, sauce. etc.  To each his own as you might call it. After reviewing Fratelli’s in the Upper East Side, i would say they are a strong contender for each of those choices, and they have only been in business for roughly seven years now.

Fratelli’s is nestled in the heart of the Upper East Side on 70th and 1st Avenue, merely three stops away from the 68th Street Hunter College/Lexington Avenue Stop.  Here is a little history about the trendy hot spot.  Fratelli has been one of the Upper East Side’s most popular Italian restaurants since its debut in 2007. The owners, brothers Jon and Marc Bash have worked hard to ensure that the restaurant provides a friendly attentive staff and a warm accommodating atmosphere suitable for all ages. The menu consists of a variety of entrées ranging from your traditional Italian dishes, to whole-wheat pizza and gluten-free pasta and much more. Brother restaurant Café Luka resides right next door also offers its menu to restaurant goers, providing for a wide selection of entrées for children or picky eaters.

The atmosphere itself read as very friendly, and had a very homey type feel to it upon arrival.  It definitely can be a place where you can break bread with your entire family or have an intimate dinner for two with your significant other.  The service throughout the dinner was spot on, as they had multiple wait staff tending to whatever need I had.  Then of course, there was the food.  I had three dishes that gelled as each of them came out, and the flavors in each complimented each very well.  These are four that I would recommend the most to anyone who is visiting soon.

Manhattan Digest, Fratelli's
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Apple Insalata

The salad was light and tasty, all thanks to the supporting characters that were walnuts and blue cheese.  Anytime you add green apple or any type of apple to a salad it always brings such a fresh and vibrant texture to the meal, and this was no exception.

Fratelli's, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Fratelli’s

Half Pizza Verde, Half Pepperoni

Although their menu boasts a fantastic variety of pizzas you can try there, I was very happy to see that they gave me not just one delicious choice for their pizza but two.  As delicious as the Pizza Verde was, the Pepperoni was spot on.  Spicy and the crust was made perfectly.

Fratelli's, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Fratelli’s

Baked Ziti Bolognese

Who in the freaking heck doesn’t like Ziti?  With the exception of the good old classic Spaghetti & Meatballs, it has got to be my favorite Italian meal of them all.  This was baked very well and was oozing with cheese, something that was a real plus to an already splendid plate.

Overall I would give the dining experience a 9 out of 10.  If the customer service isn’t good, it will put a bad taste in your mouth no matter how decadent and scrumptious the food you are about to eat tastes.  Seeing as the hospitality on top of the food was fantastic, so was the rating :).  Be sure to check out Fratelli’s the next time you are in the Upper East Side.  It is something that is worth the trip for sure.


1317 1st Avenue

Between 70th and 71st Street



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