Just Salad, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Just Salad


Spring has sprung with new salads at Just Salad!

Yes it is hard to believe but Spring really has arrived!  After our never ending torture that Winter brought us, many New Yorker’s are looking forward to the warmer weather and finding ways to get in shape for when Summer officially arrives shortly.  So if you are looking for a salad that packs the punch with flavor and yumminess, look no further than the new spring menu that Just Salad has just launched!

Just Salad is highly noted as one of the best chains in New York City for all things salad.  They have a variety of fresh flavors and innovative ways to make each salad and a great price point that won’t leave you sad budget wise.  As news spread about the new spring line of salads, I had to go and try one myself so I went to the nearest location at the concourse level in 30 Rockerfeller Plaza to experience first hand what all the fuss was about.  This is one of their more popular stores as the line was pretty much out the door, but it moved fast and catered very well to each customer’s experience.  As a huge Falafel fan myself, I had to try their new salad called “The Ultimate Falfel, see pictured” which contained Romaine-Red cabbage Mix, Baked Falafel, Cucumbers, Pita Chips and is paired with Just Salad’s seasonal and flavorful dressing, Moroccan Tahiti.  I’ve never had a version of this in salad form, but this deconstructed version felt much lighter yet still full of yummy contrasts in flavors that a Falafel really has.  The Pita Chips added a great crunch to it and I am a huge fan of anything that puts a cucumber in it as it makes it taste that much more fresh.  Overall this is one of the new salad’s that I hope they keep on the menu for quite some time as it lived up to its expectations ten fold.

Just Salad currently has 11 locations in New York City and is opening new ones on Hudson Street, Broad Street and just opened on 70th and 1st Avenue this past Monday to rave reviews!  So check out what location is nearest to you and go and try one of their newest creations, or even one of their classics!  You won’t be disappointed upon your exit.