Combinations sometimes can go together pretty well.  Brandy & Monica?  Yup.  Peanut Butter & Jelly?  Yummy.  But what about combining Beer, Delicious Food and the Stock Market?  This is where you come up with The New York Beer Company, which is nestled in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen.  Located right outside Times Square and The Theater District, The New York Beer Company boasts a warm and inviting setting that works in many environments whether you are a tourist(s) visiting NYC for the first time, enjoying a big dinner after indulging in your favorite Theater Show or just stopping by for the latest big game on their multiple televisions.  But besides all of that, there are a lot of things that make The New York Beer Company really special and different compared to your run of the mill bars that seem to populate in and out of Manhattan.

One thing that makes this hot spot so unique is its connection with the Stock Market.  How?  Read on.  A special feature of the New York Beer Company is “The Beer Market”, a segment of the beer list with prices that vary based on demand. The rise and fall of prices is displayed on screens and ticker displays throughout the bar creating a fun stock market type atmosphere. On occasion, the market will crash and beer prices drop to all time lows before regaining stability, an amazing opportunity for customers to get great value while trying out new beers. Manager Jonny Barr explained that when the crash does happen, you’ll see people flood the bars to try some of the latest and best beers for a fraction of the cost that they would pay for.  Seeing as alcohol tends to be a bit overpriced in New York City, I think this whole concept is absolutely fascinating and is fun to see how it plays out on a nightly basis.

New York Beer Company, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: New York Beer Company

On top of the great feature about, The New York Beer Company also has some pretty great food options that go beyond the general bar food that many people can deem to be greasy and not that good due to a high turnaround rate.  That however isn’t true at all when it comes to the quality of food that they provide.  So let’s say you are going with a friend or group of friends and want to share a couple of courses together.  The following is what I would highly recommend trying as all of them were quite delicious and were packed with flavor and taste.  In the appetizer round, I would go with the homemade chicken fingers with a really yummy and creamy dipping sauce.  There is a huge difference when you can taste something that is homemade compared to when it comes from a freezer and this is a true example of that.  Another great option to try is the Flatbread Quesadillas, which is stuffed with three different types of cheeses and topped with avocado cream, tomato relish and a chipotle lime aioli.  Burst of flavors from all over the place and filling enough to keep you satisfied for what is coming next.

What came next, is what is in the photo above.  That is called the “Maxed Out” burger and it comes with the following- Pecanwood Smoked Bacon, Shredded Pork, Cheddar Cheese, Onion Strings and a delicious Mushroom Au Jus.  If this was a credit card in terms of flavor I would be in collections based off of how off the chain it was.  The fries that came with it too were crispy and well seasoned.  The Drunken Mac N Cheese is another good option, as it is filled with bacon and chicken and smothered with their five cheese sauce.  To add flavor they include jalapeno peppers and is topped with garlic & herb breadcrumbs.  Totally yummy and not overpowering when it comes to spice which is a good thing in my book.

New York beer Company, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: New York Beer Company

If you have enough room left in your stomach I would highly vouch that you get these two items- Fried Oreos and Chocolate Hazelnut Cake.  Or the freaking awesome Sundae pictured above.  Definitely a great way to finish out quite the delectable meal.

Overall I would recommend anyone try the New York Beer Company out.  My friend and I had a great time while we were there and would go back again and again.  Check out the official site for more information.

New York Beer Company

321 West 44th Street (Between 8th and 9th Avenue)