Crunch Gym, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Crunch Gym

Even with how warm the weather got for a hot second today, us New Yorkers have been in a constant reminder that summer is long and gone and the cold dreary months are here to stay for a while.  Thus making the further realization that the holiday pounds are upon us, and the thought of squeezing into a pair of jeans that used to fit us so well during the hot months aren’t exactly what they used to me.  Crunch Gym, however, plans to negate that whole thought process with a ton of fun classes that will get everyone’s heart rate up and keep the pounds off in the crucial Winter season.

Crunch Gym, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Crunch Gym

This week is of course Thanksgiving, a time to get together with family and friends and chow down on delicious, filling and fatty food.  Crunch Gym is counteracting that with their “Turkey Burn & Firm Class” which is designed to be a seventy five minute workout that will hit the core areas needed to avoid losing the battle of the bulge.  It first is forty five minutes of ride on the bicycle and then the rest of the time it is strict abdominal workouts.  I’m sweating just thinking about this!  But what a great way to shed the pounds that one might add during one of the two fattiest holidays of the year.  What’s even better is that some of the Crunch Gym locations actually are offering this class on Thanksgiving Day!  If this something of interest for you and you wanna bring a friend or family member similarly to what you would do for Thanksgiving itself, see the below locations and times that they are offering this class-

23rd Street- Thursday, November 27th at 10AM

34th Street- Thursday, November 27th at 10AM

Can’t make this particular workout and are still wanting to know something that will pique your interest?  Just launched this fall, Crunch Gym has started a class called Transformer w/ DISQ.  This is how it is described- Strap on, step in, and move like a machine in this cardio strength class using the DISQ, a mobile fitness device designed to add resistance to functional movements. The DISQ’s adjustable, constant, resistance lets you work out at your own level, giving you the ability to fire up or set back your resistance as needed to provide a total body workout that will balance and transform you.  Sounds intense but totally something that I would be up for trying out!  Here is more information on where this takes place on a weekly basis-

Monday’s at 6:45 PM, 59th Street

Tuesday’s at 6:30 PM, 19th Street

Wednesday’s at 1PM, Union Square

Thursday’s at 7:30 PM, 19th Street

Friday’s at 6:45 PM, Union Square

Saturday’s at 10:30 AM, 59th Street

Sunday’s at 9:00 AM, Union Square

Want to know more about these classes and everything else that Crunch Gym has to offer?  Check out their official site for more information.  Happy Sweating everyone!