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Something that a lot of us are dreading now that we are in the mix of the holiday season is the epic weight gain we may face due to all the rich food we are going to partake in.  Yikes.  One big issue some of us face are the travels we will experience and the fact that the gym we belong to may not be in the area we are, or even worse- trapped with the family and have no time to go to the gym outside Grandma’s house.  What to do?  Well Crunch Gym has a great site so that those worries can be thrown out the door!  Welcome to Crunch Live, which is a website featuring workout videos of some of the most popular classes Crunch has come to be known for like Ass & Abs, Brazilian Body Blast, Cardio Kickboxing, Belly, Butt and Thigh Bootcamp, Yoga Body Sculpt and more! For just $9.99 per month, Crunch Live features real Crunch instructors teaching the class, so users can take an authentic fitness experience with them anywhere! The subscription includes full-length workouts as well as “quickie workouts” which are only 15-minutes and perfect for sneaking in a dose of exercise, especially during the hectic holidays!  What’s not to lose with something as in depth as this and such a great price to go along with?  I checked out the site with some fitness minded friends to learn more.

Crunch Live, Manhattan Digest, Crunch Gym
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So Crunch Live’s workout library is divided into four categories.  The first one is called Chisel It, designed for cardio and strength training.  The second one is Chill Outs, for wellness workouts like Yoga & Pilates.  The third is Dance Rhythms, where you can shake your ass and break out into your own moves, and the forth and final on Crunch Live are Quickies, when you are pressed for time (tee hee on the pun there).  When you visit these libraries, there may be one, two or four that you happen to love and want to repeat on a daily or weekly basis.  The great thing about Crunch Live is that you can drag that particular video into your “Favorites” so that when you login it is ready for you on your home page and saves you the time trying to navigate for it.

Here are some fun ones for you to check out on Crunch Live if you are in the mood for one of the four.  For Quickies, I would recommend Ab Attack with trainer Deborah Sweets.  Quick 15 minute exercise that is best done on a mat, and also utilizes your Pilates skills as well.  For Chill Out, I am a big fan of anything fat burning especially with being in the middle of holiday season, so I would recommend Fat Burning Pilates Extreme with trainer Michelle Williams.  This unique workout combines the core principles of Pilates with traditional cardio to improve core strength, balance and flexibility. This workout begins with a series of standing exercises and then takes it to floor to help lengthen and strengthen your whole body.  For Chisel it, why not go with two of my favorite things- Ass & Abs, which is the exact workout you will find in this category with trainer Carl Hall.  A two-part, intensive sculpting workout that focuses on, you guessed it – your ass & abs. The class starts with a series of high-energy standing work to get your heart rate going and then takes it to the floor with a more focused approach on tightening, toning and lifting those ever elusive glutes and tummies.  I for one have always been a big fan of hip-hop so when it comes to the Dance Rhythms category I would highly suggest doing Lyrical Hip Hop with trainer Marc Santa Maria.  Just the right mix of classic moves and urban style are brought together in this subgenre of hip-hop to get your sweat and your flow on. Taught in a straightforward, add-on format, you’ll learn two dance combinations that combine the grace and style of lyrical jazz with the hard-hitting groove of hip-hop.

On top of these categories you will find one on one training videos on core sections of the body from Upper, Lower, Booty and more with a bevy of Crunch Gym Trainers to help you out on one or more problem sections you are having.  Sounds like a great overall deal for me at only $9.99 a month.  For more information, log on to the official Crunch Live site for more.