New York native AxelJordan is an up and coming talented dude who has his name in many different facets of the entertainment industry.  He has launched his clothing brand “SHANE By AxelJordan” which incorporates street style inspiration and a modern aesthetic for many different body types.  On top of that, he released his debut album on iTunes called “Shine” which features the title track and other single out right now “Fantasy”, which he is in the midst of a big radio campaign for the album.  With all this craziness, we were happy to get him to sit down and talk about his huge success and what he has going on for the future.  Check it out.

Hey Axel!  So you have had your name in quite a lot of entertainment businesses recently.  What got you started in this field in the first place?

I can honestly say, I’m not even sure how I got started.  But I do remember being in grade school and hearing the school chorus for the first time; being drawn to it.  Everything changed from that point on.  All I wanted to do was sing and perform.

Was being a model inspiration to start your clothing line?

“SHANE by AxelJordan” was originated because I knew I had a style I wanted to convey and wasn’t having any luck with other designers.  Either they just didn’t want to work with me or they just didn’t understand me,  So I decided to begin creating the designs and clothing myself.  Being a model helped me with knowing how to convey the message through photos.  So it all ties in together in one way or another.

Axel Jordan, Manhattan Digest
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How did you come up with the name for Shane by AxelJordan?

SHANE is a combination of my name, AxelJordan, and the name of my debut album.  SHINE.  It’s something personal and a strong message I’ll never forgot.

What kind of clothing will it be?

Overall, SHANE by AxelJordan is more of a lifestyle.  It’s a concept; BE YOURSELF & SHINE.  The clothing is hip, urban street ware.  It’s for the personality looking to stand out, be creative & different.

On top of clothing you have two new singles coming out from your debut album.  Can you tell my readers more about what that songs and album are like?

The Album is titled “SHINE”.  I started writing this album 2 years ago.  It’s a journey of self acceptance, love, heartache and then of course wild times & fun.  It’s my life honestly lived thru my music.  It’s about knowing who you are and loving yourself for it.

The two singles just released are called “SHINE” and “FANTASY”

SHINE is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album.  It’s a very personal track because it really truly embodies what the album means.  I wrote it at a time when I was just beginning to understand who I am and who I wanted to be.  Like most people, I was insecure in my own skin.  I wrote “SHINE” it as a message of hope and it’s become just that.  It’s a song about pulling through and making sure to SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

“FANTASY” is a little different. HAHA!  This track I’ve had to honor of working with two other dope artist.  GregRich blesses the track with a dope rap section and LEAF is the female vocalist on the track.  She adds a flavor only she can do.  The track is about letting go and living out whatever fantasy you have.  It’s about having fun.  And even getting wild with it.  Whatever floats your boat, live it out!

Growing up who has been your musical inspiration(s)?

ANYTHING BLUES, ANYTHING JAZZ and ANYTHING POP.  I grew up watching MTV so pop culture was definitely on my mind.  But I also always had a love of artist even before my time.  Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Prince, James Brown.  Watching these artist create music and their lives shows … I could get lost in that for days.

Axel Jordan, Manhattan Digest
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Any favorites off the debut album?

Of course!  I would say each track.  Mainly because over the course of writing the album, I wrote and recorded about 30 or so tracks.  The 14 that were chosen were chosen because they spoke the message exactly the way I wanted it to come across.  They are all personal songs but some of my absolute favorites are SHINE, FANTASY, LOVE TRAGEDY, RASPBERRY DREAMS, ALONE, BIG DREAMS

Moving forward what are your ultimate hopes and dreams for the AxelJordan brand?

Continue creating music;  Continue to inspire and motivate.  And to always LOVE.  Even when I feel like I have nothing left to give.  Especially then.

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