In the ever growing world of Drag Queens becoming somewhat of a norm in today’s society, there are a ton of fresh faced and beaten ones right here in New York City that are ready to grab your attention (and maybe a couple of dollars for their performance).  One of those in particular is up and coming star Mya Tension, who recently released her first single on iTunes called “Fix Yo Face”.  She also has a big performance tonight at Bocco Di Bocci on 7th Avenue for their 2014 Holiday Party with famed DJ’s Corey Craig and Jonny Mack busting it on the one’s and two’s.

Before the big show, the Boston native turned NYC mainstay Mya Tension sat down with Manhattan Digest to discuss her big night tonight, “Fix Yo Face”, “Rupaul’s Drag Race” and her thoughts on how the public views drag queens currently.  Take a look.

Hi Mya, so first off, how did you get into doing drag in the first place and how long have you been doing it?

Little habit I picked up at 13. Been dragging in clubs for 13 years (and no you can’t find out my age from those two numbers – I am older than 26) .

Every drag queen has an inspiration behind their name, what is yours?

Beautiful drag queens/performers always captured my attention from a young age (and still do today)…so I took it to a new level and gave drag “Mya Tension”. I admire anyone who dares to drag and excels in their craft – look and performance with no shade.

You have a single that is coming out today, very exciting! How did the single come about?

So exciting and everything is happening so fast since recording! The fun lyrics and a great beat for Fix Yo’ Face are courtesy of Christopher Bedrosian of Bedrosian Records and he took a chance on an unknown. I gave it a shot and he liked what I did with it.

Will an album follow the single as well?

That is definitely the goal if people respond well to this song (and me, of course!).

What is your take on Drag Queens being in the mainstream media now, do you think it is a good thing or a bad thing?

It’s better than a good thing – it’s GREAT! In my lifetime, RuPaul put drag on the map and did it with class and talent (oh yeah – looks too!). And Drag Race is producing a slew of superstars and talented queens that are more publicly recognized than ever for all that they do. What queen wouldn’t like publicity and fame if it’s well-deserved?

What about Rupaul’s Drag Race, would you ever want to be on that show?

Haha – THAT would be something! Can’t say I’m quite as seasoned as those top contestants just yet…plus I can’t sew well so I’d probably lose those challenges terribly! Maybe after performing more and learning how to sew I can qualify for RuPaul’s old-timer show in a few years. I wouldn’t mind being a guest judge though…

Do you have any legend in the game that you model yourself after?

I can’t say I model myself after her, but RuPaul is a great overall inspiration; it’s tough to model yourself after a legend! I can say that top queens who captured my eyes and heart and inspired me to up my game include Courtney Act, Jade, Chad Michaels, Yara Sofia, Alexis Mateo, Carmen Carrera and the reigning queen, Bianca Del Rio – among many others. Any day they want to meet and have a drink it’s on me! As far as my look and style? Get me access to Ariana Grande’s wardrobe!

Tell our fans about the show you have coming up tonight, what can they expect?

A lot of fun supporting a great organization – the Pride Network! I’ll give it my all so I hope they enjoy some different looks, some attitude, some laughs, a fun new original song (my debut performance of Fix Yo’ Face), some surprises…and lots of cocktails. I look younger and prettier after a few.

What is the future for Mya Tension?

The future is unwritten right now – it’s been a VERY fast and crazy rollercoaster ride so far! My plan for now is to ride it out, make good decisions, meet great people and see where this goes. More songs, modeling, acting – who knows? Oh yeah 10 less pounds are in my future too.

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