With the holiday season in full swing, sometimes we don’t know what to get for a particular individual in our life.  Especially when it is the man or men in our lives.  You don’t just want to throw in the towel and get him the same ol tie or coffee mug that seems to be a last ditch effort situation.  You want to be able to get him something that is thoughtful and actually useful throughout the course of the year!  Well Manhattan Digest has got you covered in that area.  Check out these great holiday gifts for men and see which one (or more) really tickle your fancy.

Dove Men + Care, Holiday Gift, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Edelman

 Dove Men + Care Holiday Gift Pack

Its sort of a common thing that you want to always leave your house smelling good.  Well Dove has you covered here, with their holiday gift pack featuring some of their best products for men from shampoo, deodorant and body wash all tucked away in a great dopp bag.  Check out their official site for more information on the fabulous products that Dove has for the masses.

UGG, Manhattan Digest, Holiday Gift
Credit to: UGG Australia

Men’s Slippers From UGG Australia

For a lot of people, UGG is associated with women’s boots for the holiday season.  Did you know though that UGG has an amazing line of boots and slippers just for men?  Tom Brady has become the spokesperson for UGG Australia and has made it popular and on point for your guy to wear the latest in all UGG fashion.  I would highly recommend getting your man a pair of their slippers (the ascot tweet ones are to die for) or any assortment of boots that they carry.  Log on to UGG’s official site for more information.

Spicebomb, Holiday Gift, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Nordstrom

 Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

A couple of months ago I was perusing the mall in King of Prussia, PA and discovered this intoxicating scent called “Spicebomb” by Viktor & Rolf.  With the exception of a couple of other colognes I have owned in my life, this one had the best smell to it and it wasn’t overwhelming as some others may be.  I highly recommend getting this for your man to leave him smelling yummy and clean all year round.  Check out the sale price on Nordstrom’s site for more info.

Beats By Dre, Holiday Gifts, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Paste Magazine

Beats By Dre Solo HD

Who doesn’t love a good pair of headphones, and if you are going to buy them for yourself or for your man you really can’t beat Beats.  Beats By Dre has been the top selling headphone set for a couple of years now, and with the sound quality matched with the sleek look I can definitely see why.  Treat your man to their less costly Solo versions.  Great quality of sound with a pop of color added in when you are on the go.  My favorite color they make is red as it really stand out in the crowd.  Check out their official site for more information.