Who doesn’t love snacking?  Especially when you are in a 3 o’clock slump at work, watching a movie with friends or at your friend’s party, chances are you will be making a beeline for the cookies, chips and relatively unhealthy items regardless of how delicious they are.  Cue in the guilt when you overindulge and those pesky couple of pounds you are trying to lose were just made that much harder to do with all the snack consumption you had the night before.  Well fear not, because we have found a bunch of really great options for all of our readers to try out to fulfill their urge to snack yet stay healthy in doing so.  Check out these delicious and satisfying treats below!

Kind Bars, Manhattan Digest, Healthy Snacking
Credit to: Kind Snacks

Kind Nuts & Spices Bars

I discovered Kind Bars a couple of years ago and was delighted by so many aspects of what this company does!  Something I tend to hate when it comes to healthy eating is that a lot of nutritional bars have a very mealy type taste to them that becomes very hard to digest, on top of not having a ton of flavor.  Kind Bars do the exact opposite!  The Kind Nuts & Spices Bars are my favorite line that they produce because it has the following-Made from whole ingredients you can see & pronounce®, 5g of sugar or less, high in fiber, good source of protein, and of course, seemingly indulgent.  I would highly recommend trying their line of dark chocolate bars, especially the one pictured above as it combines the sweet and salty elements really well.  To learn more about Kind Bars, visit their official website.

Belvita, Healthy Snacks, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Belvita

Belvita Breakfast Bites

I would highly recommend having these as a delicious add on to your morning breakfast routine as it comes packaged with great bonuses to keep your diet in check!  Each 50g serving of belVita Bites Breakfast Biscuits contains 230 calories, 20g of whole grain and 4g fiber and is a good way to pair with a serving of fruit and low-fat or non-fat dairy for a complete breakfast.  Seeing as this product just launched recently,BelVita will be rewarding individuals’ small morning victories with their own, personalized, mini website. From now until January 23rd, I encourage everyone to tweet your#MorningWin to @belVita using both #MorningWin and #Entry for a chance to win your own customized site!  More information on Belvita’s official website.

Tropical Smoothie, Healthy Snacking, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Konnect PR

Tropical Smoothie’s Detox Island Green Smoothie

Smoothie’s have been the rage for quite some time now.  Sometimes we think what we are drinking is 100 percent healthy but a lot of these smoothies are chock full of sugars which can then translate into fats, something that of course is no good.  Tropical Smoothie, my all time favorite smoothie chain, has just the solution to enjoy all the flavors of yummy smoothies without the guilt of the added sugars.  Upon your next visit, you should try their Detox Island Green Smoothie.  Made with Spinach, Kale, Mango, Pineapple, Banana & Fresh Ginger (naturally sweetened), this smoothie only has 181 calories and 32 grams of sugar, as well as 100 percent of Vitamin A & C.  I highly recommend it the next time you visit.  For more information, please visit their official site.