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Delivery.com- More Than Just Take Out & Burgers


In the past couple of years we have seen the presence of ordering food online explode with many sites offering a bevy of local restaurants for you to choose from, order, and enjoy no matter what the occasion (a night in with friends, busy day at the office, etc).  But did you know that one particular site that goes above and beyond the average take out link and offers much more than what meets the eye?  That is where Delivery.com comes in to save the day in more ways than one.

Delivery.com is a site that I have used for years and prefer much more over its competitors (Seamless, Grubhub) as its incentives are far greater than what the others offer.  Something that really drew me to this site, beyond its great layout and restaurant choices, are its point system that you can build up and reward yourself once you reach a certain amount (more of that is below).  The restaurants that I’ve always ordered from are super speedy and provide top notch quality when it comes to the food preparation and pricing.  Not only that, but Delivery also has leaped into other facets of services such as dry cleaners and grocery stores for instance.  So it really is your one stop shop for all things shopping, and all you need is a click of a button.

I sat down with VP of Marketing Kate McGee to talk more about Delivery.com, what makes them better than their competitors, how it all began, and so much more.  Take a look.

Delivery.com, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Delivery.com

What makes them better than all the other competitors out there?

We’re the only platform that offers online ordering across multiple local business types, including restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores and dry cleaners. That means consumers can visit a single site to cut out a ton of the hassle associated with shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. We also offer a loyalty program, whereby users earn points for every purchase that they can turn into site credit, charitable donations, and other rewards.

How did the process of Delivery.com begin?

We started out exclusively featuring restaurants, but saw the opportunity to cater to people’s needs beyond just prepared foods. Liquor and groceries were the logical next steps—closing the loop on mealtime—and expanding into laundry was an extension of our goal to consolidate all your local needs in a single place.

How often do they add new restaurants, and are restaurants jumping at them to be on the site regardless if they get negative feedback?

We add new merchants across all verticals every day, partly through sales efforts but also through the hundreds of inbound requests we receive each week to join the platform. We find that local merchants value delivery.com as a means of growing their businesses through our marketing channels. The more we can help them grow their businesses, the more convenient life gets for local residents, who can order what they want from their computer or mobile device.

Why apps like this aren’t very suburb friendly and if that is changing for Delivery.com?

There’s nothing inherently unfriendly about delivery in the suburbs; people there are just as busy as city-dwellers and they’re looking for a little extra convenience too. Our expansion strategy has been to dominate local metro areas and continue to add coverage in adjacent areas. As we build out our merchant base, our footprint will expand well beyond the city limits.

Delivery.com, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Delivery.com

What bonus incentives do you offer to new and returning customers each month?

While we occasionally offer recurring discounts and promotions to new and returning customers, our most compelling reason to keep coming back to shop has been our loyalty program. Customers can accumulate the Delivery Points they earn for every order, and redeem them for delivery.com credit, charitable donations, and other rewards. We want to make ordering the things you already need fun and rewarding, and the points program does just that.

What do you find to be the most popular places people order from and why?

Besides offering delivery across multiple categories, we pride ourselves on the variety of cuisines available. But no matter how many great local Vietnamese or Ethiopian places we add, you probably won’t see pizza and sushi joints knocked off their popularity perch any time soon. Thai food is definitely on the rise though: last year we saw a crazy number of orders for Crab Rangoon… which is delicious, so why not?

Manhattan Digest, Delivery.com
Credit to: Delivery.com

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