The Lower East Side continues to be a thriving part of New York City when it comes to trends like food, fashion and architecture.  Something that goes beyond the trend that Manhattanites have enjoyed for years upon years is the weekend brunch that we all love for mutliple reasons (alcohol in the morning, eggs in the afternoon, both if ya nasty).  Luckily a great new spot has opened that combines everyone’s love for Brunch and then some.  I am talking about Galli, located on 98 Rivington Street between Orchard & Ludlow.

Manhattan Digest, Galli
Credit to: Brandsway Creative

Easily accessible on multiple subways (I prefer the F to Essex/Delancey), Galli is a great new addition to the LES with its basic black structure and homey type environment.  I also love the window aspect as it gives a great view of outside world of the Lower East Side.  Now let’s discuss the food as that is what made the overall experience fantastic when me and my friend visited.

Gaii, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Brandsway Creative

Two starters that work for both brunch and lunch are their delicious rice balls in a savory marinara sauce and their Carciofi which is pan fried artichoke, parmigiano with a side of chipotle mayo.  I have never had artichokes pan fried before and it was absolutely delicious.  For your main course, I would highly recommend what is pictured above- The Breakfast Bucatini.  This consists of Bucatini pasta, bacon, romano infused cream cheese and a fried egg.  A classic spin on both pasta and eggs with a great twist that is absolutely delicious.  For a more classic approach with no spin, the steak and quail eggs with asparagus on top is great example of keeping it simple yet tasty.  For dessert, try the Tiramisu.  Great way to end the meal.

Check out the official site and if you are ever in the LES check them out!  Such a great Italian spot!