Haru Sushi, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Haru Sushi

Up until last week I had no idea that there was an actual 24 hour celebration to honor the Margarita.  Yes, the margarita, one of tastiest and delectable drinks out there right now.  As someone who isn’t the biggest beer person, a margarita is a perfect alternative that blends delicious fruity flavors with quality types of vodka and brim to the rim with sugar or salt (depending on what you like).  So with National Margarita Day finishing up yesterday, several places across New York City celebrated in their own unique way with giving their spin on what is the best Margarita out there.

Luckily, Manhattan Digest has got you covered by giving you the inside scoop about one of the best and most delicious margaritas out there- The Patron Green Tea Margarita served at Haru Sushi.  I have covered Haru Sushi before for the site to great results in terms of taste, decor and variety of sushi options that they provided.  Yet, I did not try out their line of alcoholic beverages that night and was delighted to see this particular item on their menu that is offered year round.  The Margarita itself has a great color to it and taste, and is something affordable ($13 per) and a great choice to drink especially with the warm spring & summer months coming soon.

Here is what goes into making the Margarita if you don’t get the chance to visit NYC or want to do this at home-

1.5 oz Patron Reposado tequila

0.5 oz Zen Green Tea Liqueur

0.5 oz Sour mix

0.2 oz Triple Sec

0.1 oz Rose’s Lime Juice

Shaken over ice, strain, and serve straight up in a Cosmo glass, garnish the rim of the glass with salt.

I would encouraged you to pair the Green Tea Margarita with some of Haru’s Meixcan-inspired dishes, such as Trio of Fish Tacos ($13) and Lobster Mango Ceviche ($15), alongside classic Japanese favorites such as Chicken Teriyaki ($21).

Want to know even more about Haru Sushi including locations, menus and more?  Check out their official site for more detail.