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Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen Hosts Founders Brewing Tapping


As someone who frequents the Chelsea area often, I have been somewhat displeased with a lot of my favorite places closing down due to landlords jacking prices up in favor of another yogurt shop or ATM (Like we need more of those).  Luckily, there have been a few shining exceptions to all of that, one being the brand new Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen on 8th Avenue between 18th and 19th Street.  Conveniently located next to my favorite gay bar Gym Sportsbar, the location is the second of its kind in New York City, with the original hotspot being located in the East Village on 2nd Avenue.  Hearing a good amount of buzz and feedback from friends, I gathered up a fellow beer lover and tried Cooper’s out.  The experience was quite fantastic, and for all you bar type people out there who are looking for a great, relaxed experience with some of the best beer & craft bars on tap- this is the place to go.

Cooper's Craft & Kitchen, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen

This coming Monday Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen will be hosting Michigan brewery Founders Brewing Company at their Chelsea location on March 16th. The star of the show will be the Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout, which will be tapped at 7pm sharp (all other beers will be tapped at 6pm). The Canadian Breakfast Stout is an absolutely amazing beer that people have been waiting to see in New York City, and it will be served in 5oz glasses to ensure that as many people as possible will be able to try it. The Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout is a must-try for any beer lover or craft beer aficionado!

This event is open to the public, so please let me know if you’re able to preview the Founders Brewing Company Tapping at Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen, or if you’d like to attend.

Additional Founders beers that will be featured: 

Founders KBS bottles (2014)

Founders Blushing Monk

Founders Dark Penance

Founders Imperial Stout

Founders Black Rye

Founders Rübaeus

Founders Devil Dancer

Founders Porter

Founders All Day IPA

Founders Reds Rye

Founders Nitro Pale Ale

Cooper's Craft & Kitchen, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen

If beer doesn’t necessarily float your boat, Cooper’s has a vast amount of delicious food that goes beyond the normal bar standard we find so often.  I highly recommend getting a bunch of friends together and dining on amazing treats like their yummy fish tacos, soft pretzels (crazy crazy good), housemade tots and Mac N Cheese Curds (with three different types of cheese).  Something that is also great for the table is a Canadian delicacy that needs to become bigger here in the states- Poutine.  Duck Poutine.  My mouth is watering thinking about it.  It consists of Hand Cut Fries, Cheddar Curds, Duck Confit Gravy, Pickled Chiles.  Unbelievably amazing.  They also have a ton of weekly specials and main courses designed to fill up your bellies outside of the beers you will drink.  Their beer menu as well is also extensive and quite impressive if I must say so myself.  Both menus you can find right here.

So if you are in the Chelsea neck of the woods, stop on down to Cooper’s and have yourself a good time.  Can’t make it that particular night?  Try them another time and experience what a spacious, nice, and comforting experience that they provide.

Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen 

169 8th Avenue (Between 18th and 19th Street)

(646) 606-2384