For a lot of us men, we tend to throw on the same type of clothing item for all the same types of events and don’t go out of our way to add some pop or flavor to our wardrobe.  This in particular goes for our underwear and socks, which if done right can actually enhance the outfit you are already wearing… or lack there of.  A great company that is doing this is called Related Garments, which was started by NBC’s “Fashion Stars” David Appel and his brother Mike. .  The guys mission is to revolutionize the way men get ready in the morning and help men to undress to impress through stylish coordination.  What is even better is that matching sets for these are incredibly affordable for the everyday NYC’er at $25 each.

Hot off an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign for Related Garments, Mike & David sat down with Manhattan Digest to discuss the vision behind their company and what they are hopeful for in 2015 and beyond.

Related Garments, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Related Garments

Hey guys, thanks for sitting down with me.  How did the concept of Related start?

As kids, my brother David and I used to fight over who got to wear what. If something was ‘borrowed’ from the other, it would cause a brotherly war between our closets. Even to this day, I’m constantly looking to his personal style for inspiration (and new clothes for my wardrobe).  I look up to him in life and in fashion.

I’m assuming because you guys are brothers that the name “Related” was inspired due to that?

Yes! The name Related was inspired by us being brothers, but it aligns with our focus on matching garments. We are RELATED and our garments are RELATED.

Do you find overall that men don’t put too much effort into their underwear and sock collection and more effort into the outer appearance?

The response has been positive from both males and females. Females say it’s about time, while the response from males has been that they never really thought much about it, but it makes sense.  Once they actually try the product and see for themselves, they become hooked.

Related Garments, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Related Garments

When it comes to color schemes for your underwear and socks, what draws your eye the most?

For the first designs, we did not want to go too crazy. We like to use colors that pop, but not too loud, so people are not discouraged to wear the product. The majority of people have responded more to the Beige/Navy/Stripped matching set, but all the colors have gotten people excited.  We are introducing a new concept as well, so once it gets approved we can start to really have fun with the designs.

I saw that you guys just passed your Kickstarter goal, congrats!  That is a huge deal.  What are you going to do with the funding that you received?

Thank you! The money will go towards manufacturing. Throughout the first generation of product, we’ve learned a lot of key ways to improve and give our customers a better product.

Related Garments, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Related Garments

Are your garments affordable for the everyday consumer?

Our garments are a very competitive in terms of price points compared to current brands on the market in each category (socks & underwear).  We want people to adopt our brand and stay in our family.

With Father’s Day and Graduations coming up, are you doing any special promotions for both?

Both special occasions are very important to us and we will focus on a special promotion for each.

Where do you see Related going in 2015 and beyond?

We have some very exciting news to announce for the next collection and beyond that we are planning some collaborations plus the launch of Related for Woman and Related for Kids.

Check out Related Garments official site for all your future purchase needs!  Happy Shopping everyone!