RPDRs7-cast-group-pressTrixie Mattel’s back!!!! I’m so excited!!! Of course, this is reality TV, so … there’s that.

In the workroom, Ginger Minj is confused and Katya’s talking and everyone’s a mix of sad and confused because we have the same amount of contestants that we did last week. This seems like everyone’s really pissed about nothing because, well, you’re on a reality TV show and I would want that shit to last as long as possible, just for the room and craft services. But that’s just me. Miss Fame and Pearl snark at each other; which is apparently a theme in this episode. I really have no idea why. It’s been lightly played up during this season, emphasis on the lightly, and it feels very half assed by everyone involved.

You’ve Got Mumble comes on and RuPaul names a few John Waters movies. For the mini-challenge, the library is open darlings. Everyone picks on Miss Fame, who, when asked to read people, just can’t. Frankly, since she’s presented herself as both upfront and very in her own head, I’m not surprised, and honestly, this isn’t a bad thing. I tend to find the reading/throwing shade aspect of our community to go way over the top. Too often, it’s just another excuse to be dicks to each other, as opposed to what could be a more fabulous version of Waldorf and Statler. /end rant Speaking of being dicks to each other, Pearl steps up to the plate and gives some serious reads, before saying “RuPaul” and getting shut down. Where has this energy been this whole season?

The main challenge is ANOTHER FUCKING ACTING CHALLENGE!!! This time, it’s recreating scenes from John Waters movies, and everyone pairs off like it’s closing time at Studio 54. Miss Fame and Pearl promise more drama, with Violet Chachki looking alternately pissed off or over the whole thing. Ginger Minj admits that neither she nor Trixie Mattel have topped anything. RuPaul says the mainstage look will be the ugliest dress ever, and I wonder if some of them haven’t already sent THAT down the runway.

While filming, Kennedy Davenport flubs her lines and forgets to drop the Christmas tree on Katya. Miss Fame and Pearl continue their fight/non-fight edited into a fight throughout their scene. Trixie can be BIGGER.

The runway was surprisingly not that ugly. In some cases, like Violet Chachki and Katya, I think this is due to a mix of probably having nothing INCREDIBLY trashy while also having the ability to wear anything and make it work (I’d like to think Miss Fame could wear anything, and I’m sure her eatin’ dress was the ugliest thing in her wardrobe, with limited space and all that).

The videos were, on a whole, not awful. The standout (no surprise) was Ginger Minj who managed to pull of both the high camp and the cringe worthy aspects of Pink Flamingos and Edith Massey’s whole egg thing. I was entranced and disgusted at the same time, so she gets my vote on this. After the videos we get, what I’m assuming is, our first round of “Who Should Go Home?,” which is always my FAVORITE GAME!!!!! (right up there with “are these chicken strips or fish sticks?”) Everyone says Miss Fame, who takes it in stride, before saying “Pearl.”

Ginger wins, and Miss Fame must lip sync against Pearl to some Demi Levato song that I’m sure I’ve heard and I thought was someone else’s. Pearl seems to blah her way to staying, and I’m still not sure why, but Miss Fame sashays away. I’ll miss you, even if the other patrons of the bar I was in won’t. Join us next week when Katya and Ginger complain that there’s still too many people in the competition!!