When it comes to physical presence and good looks, you really can’t get better (in my opinion) than Colby Jansen.  Colby has done a phenomenal job in the adult industry becoming one of the top performers in his field due to his great looks, ability on camera, as well as developing a huge fan base outside of the lens.  Hairy, muscular with a great smile to boot, his versatility in his Men.com scenes have shot him to an all time high with his presence in the gay world and has proven that you don’t need to be a flash in the pan and last longer than most people do in this particular industry.

Already with 5 plus years under him, he currently has his sites set on aspects not only in the adult industry but also in the health & fitness world as well. I recently met him at the 2015 Hookie Awards in New York City, and was struck with his friendly demeanor, charismatic attitude and chiseled good looks which meld together in one amazing package (no pun intended).  I stayed in touch with him and finally got a chance to interview him last week when he attended one of the biggest gay events in the world- The White Party in Palm Springs, California. Colby opens up about how he got into this industry in the first place, his thoughts on why our community judges the B in LGBT, why his favorite scene partners are not alike at all and his surprising turn as to what is next for him.  Take a look.

Thanks for sitting down with me Colby!  So tell me a little bit on how you got yourself into this industry.

I was getting divorced, actually, and dating this girl who happened to be a stripper in DC.  Evidently she was doing porn and going to Phoenix to do a scene.  She had trust issues with the other guys apparently and wanted me to go with her.  I obliged and went with her while she did a shoot, and during that time was approached by someone to do porn myself.  The guy pretty much said, “You want to make some real money”?  I ended up doing a bunch of scenes for Amateur Straight Guys, which was alright because doing gay porn compared to straight had a much higher dollar value so I made more money in that aspect.  This was about six or seven years ago.  I was in the industry for a brief time and moved out to LA with my wife Gia then back to Buffalo and decided the industry wasn’t for us and went back to our normal lives.

During that time I was struggling at a crappy job, and financial concerns became an issue.   I then decided to get back into the industry full force and it took off bigger than I ever thought it would.

Just for the record here, because there is a lot of back and forth about this on the blogs and stuff, what do you identify yourself sexually as?

Well, I don’t like to label myself as a bisexual, yet it seems that would be a lot easier for many other people to understand.  Mainly, it is sex that I like and I just go with it.  I have found that in the LGBT community that the B part is actually forgotten about.  In group settings, people have a hard time really believing that someone can be bisexual and will constantly question you regarding falling onto one side of the fence.  If we want to be an actual community we need to accept each other for who we are and not spend our time judging and being mean if someone doesn’t fit the norm.

Colby Jansen, Ryan Shea
Credit to: Ryan Shea

When I met you at The Hookies I found it was quite telling that you presented the award for Best Bear/Cub as you embody a lot of what that culture is as you have a “real man” type of build to you.  Do you see that becoming a staying trend in the industry?  What is your take on that?

There is a real look, but there is also a chemically induced look that a lot of the guys have, muscle wise.  A lot of them work very hard on their bodies, don’t get me wrong, but I have a big chip on my shoulders when it comes to guys who use chemical enhancers to get their body where they feel it needs to be.  When I was playing football there were guys who were cheating and using all of that stuff,  so I’ve had a history of that around me.  Then again, there are guys who work their bodies and don’t rely on that.  I pride myself on being natural and honestly have been baffled at the positive response that I have gotten in this industry based off of that.

I mean, are you really that shocked though?  When I posted the photo of me and you at the awards I was not that surprised by the amounts of comments and likes from all different types of men who have a huge affinity for you.  What do you think that is?

I think it has a lot to do with personality.  There are a lot of guys who are only friendly and nice to a particular subset of gay men, which doesn’t work with me.  I go out of my way to be nice to all different types of people and that in turn makes you approachable.  If you are walking around with a smile on your face, people are going to want to talk to you.  They see that you are a warm person.  If you are walking around with duck face or a scowl then who is going to want to talk to that? No one.

Colby Jansen, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Colby Jansen

You are of course married to the beautiful Gia Darling, who is a well-known figure in the trans community.  Bruce Jenner just recently became the face of that community due to her hugely watched interview with Diane Sawyer.  What was both your takes on it?

We actually haven’t really talked about it yet because when the interview came out I was in Palm Springs.  I know for a fact that everytime we go to the stores and we see all the gossip magazines, Gia’s heart breaks for her as she gets what she is going through.  I only get recognized if I go to a gay bar or what not, she has cameras following her 24/7 so the anxiety level must be through the roof and for her to do what she did is going to be really big for the community in general.  What our hope is now that Bruce has done this is that is shifts the public’s perception on the trans community as not just being a sexual fetish for certain people and that they can actually move through society normally without judgment.

So you have been a Men.com exclusive for quite some time now.  Have you ever thought of branching off and working with other largely based studios?

I mean, I don’t think you can get bigger than Men.com when they are coming out with new movies every single day.  I am very comfortable with where I am with them and really love all the people there.  At this point, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Colby Jansen, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Colby Jansen

You have done numerous scenes to many people’s liking over the years.  Do you have particularly a favorite scene that you have done and why?  Also, who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?

There are two particular men that I really enjoyed working with that happen to be on complete opposites of the spectrum.  One is Tyler Sweet, who I did two scenes with- “Crotch Rocket” and “Son Swap”.  That was pretty great.  The other scene I loved was with Dirk Caber, who was also in “Son Swap”.  Two guys that are on completely different ends of the spectrum in terms of looks and age, both extremely attractive guys- it really just depends on the person and the chemistry that I have with them.

When it comes to other performers, I’ve always liked Jake Bass. I’ve always saw him as a super sexy Montreal guy who is really hot.  Paddy O’Brien is someone I have always wanted to work with as well as he looks like a lot of fun.  We have never met though, he films over in the U.K. whereas I am based here in the states.  I get over there maybe once a year and our schedules haven’t worked out, so hopefully sometime in the future we can arrange something.

A constant that I have asked in interviews with other stars like yourself is about the prevalence of bareback porn that is happening in the industry. What is your take on that and is that something you would ever consider doing?

I’ve been approached to do it and I simply won’t.  I’m negative and take pRep and all, I just don’t want to put myself in those types of movies.  People mimic what they see on these movies and it may have a negative influence on the younger generations out there.

You recently got a lot of coverage due to a scene with Men.com where you read lines from Shakespeare while having an “Autoblow 2” sex toy attached to your manhood.  I watched and was impressed and amused throughout, yet turned on of course.  Please tell me that was real and you weren’t acting?

God no, that wasn’t acting.  Even though the scene itself was only three minutes long, I had been using the Autoblow a little bit beforehand to get myself going hehe.  You can see how flush I became, I was awfully pink.  They also did me a big favor by giving me the hardest passage to read, which made the whole thing that much more interesting.

Colby Jansen, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Colby Jansen

A lot of men and women in the industry go beyond the starring aspect and actually make their stage name a brand in many different facets.  Is that something you want to do as well?

That happens to be something I am doing currently through Team Beachbody which I have linked to on my Facebook and Instagram.  I am a Team Beachbody coach, and that includes all the P90X and Insanity type of workouts.  On Facebook I have groups of 10 people and help them move through the 21 day fix which is a good way of losing 10-15 pounds in 3 weeks.  It is a really good thing for anybody who wants to shed a bunch of pounds or who wants to reset their eating regiment.  It is a portion control thing with a meal replacement shake called “Shakeology”.  That is what I am moving towards and within the next couple of months I will be coming out with my own line of protein shakes and some creatine types that can help people achieve a weight level that they are comfortable being at while being healthy throughout.

In conclusion, what is a good end goal for you in this industry?

I guess my ultimate goal is to keep doing what I am doing but branch out so there is a lasting type of effect.  That is where my motivation is with the weight loss and the healthy eating type of thing, because there is nothing cooler than getting an email from someone who says that I was their inspiration for getting fit and being happy while doing so.  I’ve had people send me all types of great messages and that is the kind of thing that is my driving force in doing all of this.

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