RPDRs7-cast-group-pressPreviously, Miss Fame went home. I’m going to miss her, even if some of you heartless bitches aren’t. Violet Chachki agrees with me. Pearl talks about getting another kick in the ass, and I wonder how many kicks in the ass can one get before one gets kicked out. No really. At least Tyra Sanchez was interesting, and you could write off some of her behavior as editor interference and being 20. But, neither RuPaul nor large swathes of the internet agree with me.

Also, let’s point out that Miss Fame wrote everyone a nice little good-bye note, including Pearl. Sure, it comes across as a little “Susie Anne is running for the treasurer of the Junior League,” but I don’t see anything wrong with that. And I think it’s classy in a way that often doesn’t get show on reality TV.

RuPaul mumbles something and we’re all going to DANCE!!! But before we do that, we have to make our faces look fucked with scotch tape and then shoot an intro to The Real Housewives of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, but ok. It’s funny, enough, but Jimmy Fallon did it better. He also probably had more time and a bigger production budget, so there’s that. Everyone looks like they put scotch tape on their faces. Violet wins and gets to pair everyone up for the main challenge, and just goes “Eh, we’re in a line, fuck it.”

What’s the main challenge? Well, the queens will be doing one half of their bodies in drag and the other half as a guy, and then do paired ballroom dancing, mixed with more modern styles. I really feel like we’re trying really hard to be “new” and it’s coming across as “stupid.” The Bachelor and Fat People Crying have had the same formula for the 6,548,345 seasons they’ve been on, and people still watch THAT shit.

The paired off queens yammer about how stupid this challenge is without actually saying it’s stupid. Trixie Mattel says she has a dance background and then immediately tells RuPaul she doesn’t. Eh? Then they all get to go meet with Carson and some woman from Dancing With the Stars named Kim. Kim and Carson choreograph the routines, well, Kim does, and Carson makes snarky comments from the side. Everyone is confused and annoyed and frustrated. Including the audience.

Violet and Katya bond some more.

On the mainstage, the looks are… what you’d expect? I don’t know. I do notice that all the suits look the same, so I think they were supplied with them, and shown how to make their dresses fit without having to cut them in half? At least, I hope so. I can’t imagine any of them bringing a suit to a drag competition.

On the dance hall, all the queens are doing their best, but frankly, none of them are up to the challenge, though up to the challenge is not the right term. This challenge seems like something the writers came up with while high and watching Minute to Win It. It’s all over the place and poorly executed from a production standpoint.

During the judges critique, Pearl says that she’s very “flaze-da” which confuses RuPaul and Michelle and … everyone. Seriously, where do some of these queens learn how to speak? Ginger Minj has emotions about being fat and dancing. In the end, Ginger and Trixie are in the bottom two. While it’s a pretty close lip synch, Ginger stays, because that’s how this script is going to play out, and Trixie goes home, again.

Let’s hope next week isn’t another fucking group acting challenge.